Cool art project of a Melbourne tram decorated as a Karachi bus

The W-11 is the name of the bus route in Karachi, Pakistan, where the buses are ornately decorated by the bus owners. As part of Festival Melbourne2006, which was running during the 2006 Commonwealth Games, a team of Karachi vehicle decorators have transformed a regular Melbourne tram into a W-11 Karachi style mini-bus. The W-11 […]

Notes on Rhodes – A colossal tourist destination

Rhodes is one of the most visited places in the Mediterranean. During the holiday season there is a different cruiseship in the harbour every day, and a steady stream of charter flights. The Old Town is a big attraction for visitors, but most come to relax in the 300 plus days of sunshine on one […]

Welcome to Nomadic Notes

Hello and welcome to Nomadic Notes. My name is James Clark and I am a long term traveller who has been working and travelling since 2002. I have an web business and I conduct all my business online, which means I can work anywhere in the world. Nomadic Notes is my travel blog, featuring observations […]