In Pictures: Kota (Old Jakarta)

In Pictures: Kota (Old Jakarta)

Kota (Old Jakarta) is the area around the old port area of Jakarta.

Kota (Old Jakarta)
[Remnants of Old Jakarta]

The remaining heritage buildings here are remnants from the Dutch colonial era when the city was known as Batavia.

Jakarta History Museum
[Jakarta History Museum]

Like seemingly every big colonial city in the region Batavia was an “x of the east” city. In this case it was the “Queen of the East.”

Unfortunately Jakarta has done a poor job of preserving its colonial heritage (unlike Singapore and Georgetown), so you will have a hard time finding this Queen. Still, there are some interesting buildings around here that could be described as a renovators dream.

Old warehouse in Kota (Old Jakarta)
[This warehouse is screaming to be turned into New York style loft apartments.]

There have been numerous plans over the years to restore the area, but buildings have continued to be pulled down or collapse on themselves while waiting to be saved. The most recent restoration plan for the area sounds promising, so if you find yourself in Jakarta have a wander around Kota before either:

a) it’s gone for good, or
b) it’s restored to a new era of glory.

Bank Mandiri - Kota (Old Jakarta)
[Bank Mandiri building]

Dasaadmusin Concern Building
[Dasaadmusin Concern Building – more potential loft apartments.]

Crumbling Kota (Old Jakarta)
[Crumbling Kota]

Tree lined streets of Kota (Old Jakarta)
[Tree lined streets of Kota]

Tree lined canal - Kota (Old Jakarta)
[Tree lined canal.]

Boarded up building in Kota (Old Jakarta)
[Yet another boarded up building.]

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  1. Fantastic, I’ve only been to Jakarta once and I loved it despite all the craziness.

  2. Beautiful, quaint, and full of history. So glad you shared these photos… I’m transported.


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