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Notes on Koh Lipe: The beachiest holiday island in Thailand

This island in Thailand had everything I wanted in a tropical beach break. Ko Lipe is a Thai island in the Andaman Sea in Satun Province. It’s the most southerly island you can stay at before crossing the maritime border of Malaysia. Ko Lipe is about 3 km in length and 1.8 km at the […]

Notes on Hat Yai: Thailand’s laid-back southern city

Hat Yai is a city in Songkhla province in southern Thailand, near the Malaysian border. It’s a major travel hub, with a railway junction and international airport. There’s a good chance you’ll pass through here if you’re travelling to the Satun Islands or to or from Malaysia. Hat Yai is not a typical tourist city, […]

Notes on Koh Larn: A lovely little island cursed by its location

Ko Larn (or Ko Lan) is an island in the Bay of Bangkok off the coast of Pattaya. If you are familiar enough with Thailand then that geographical description alone would probably put you off visiting. If you aren’t familiar, the Bay of Bangkok is not famous for its water quality, and Pattaya is a […]

Notes on Manila: A tale of four cities

Metropolitan Manila refers to the 16 cities and one municipality that comprise the Manila National Capital Region (NCR). Metro Manila (as it is more commonly referred to) has a population of over 13 million, though some statistics also include surrounding provinces. As a visitor, that is an overwhelming amount of cities to choose from. The […]

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