Where to stay in Macau – The best areas and hotels

Where to stay in Macau

Macau (or Macao in English) is a former colonial trading port of Portugal on the Pearl River estuary in Southern China. Macau was returned back to China in 1999, and it’s governed as a Special Administrative Region of China (like Hong Kong). While it’s much smaller than its counterpart across the river, Macau has made a name for itself as the casino capital of China.

The appeal of Macau is that it still has a well-preserved old city that is distinctly Portuguese. Macau is a popular day trip from Hong Kong, with regular ferries making the trip in one hour. There is also a bridge from Hong Kong, making it possible to get the bus. If you’re not here to gamble and just want to see the sights, then a day trip is enough. If you do want to stay then this guide is for the best areas to stay in Macau.

Macau City

Macau City
[Macau City.]

The old area of Macau is where most of the action is. Not only is it more interesting but most of the casinos are here as well. If it’s your first time to Macau then you should stay here to make the most out of your trip.

Search and compare deals for hotels in Macau City.

Hostels and Guesthouses

SanVa Hostel is the cheapest hotel in Macau. If you’ve ever dreamed of staying in an old-world flophouse in the Far East, then this is your place. This old guesthouse is the only one of its kind now, so staying here is to see old Macau before it disappears. I’ve stayed here before, and the cheapest rooms are nothing more than a box with a bed in it, and all rooms have shared bathrooms. The Hospedaria is famous for being a set location for films. It’s located on Rua de Felicidade, one of the most picturesque old streets in Macau. Here is the review of my stay.

Rua Felicidade, Macau SAR - China
[Rua Felicidade, Macau SAR – China.]

Augusters Lodge used to be the go-to hostel in Macau. They have since closed down but they have kept their home page up to recommend staying in Hong Kong. New accommodation laws (pushed by the powerful hotel lobby) seems be a reason for the lack of backpacker hostels in Macau.

With no hostels the best alternative is Airbnb. There are a few beds available for around $20USD, which are most suitable for budget backpackers. If you are new to Airbnb sign up here first to get a free credit.

For cheap online hotel bookings Home of Macau and Ka Meng Villa are the best rated cheap hotels in Macau.

Mid-range Hotels

At the mid-range level (3-4 star), these are a good option if you prefer not to stay in a casino.

Best Western Sun Sun Hotel and the Sintra Hotel are the pick of the 3-star hotels.

At this stage Macau doesn’t have mid-range casino options like in Las Vegas, where you can find 3-star hotels for $40 a night. The all the casino operators are going for the luxury market, so maybe in a few years once the city has built itself out there will be more mid-range options.

5 star hotels in Macau

Most of the luxury hotels in Macau are part of a casino, so if you are here to gamble there is usually a hotel promotion on somewhere that is offering a discount rate. It’s worth filtering your search results to 5 stars as there are often deals on that would make this a cheap luxury break.

The best-rated non-casino is the Mandarin Oriental, Macau, while the best-rated casino hotel is the Wynn Macau Hotel.

Wynn Macau Hotel
[Wynn Macau Hotel.]

The defining landmark of Macau is Grand Lisboa Hotel. This is the tallest hotel in Macau and is shaped like no other building in the world. It’s supposed to represent a lotus flower, though I think it looks like a giant flame (a bonfire of gamblers cash, perhaps.) Anyway, if you are staying here you will never forget where your hotel is because you can see it from just about everywhere.

Grand Lisboa Hotel
[Grand Lisboa Hotel.]

Other familiar names for Vegas visitors include the Sands Macao Hotel and the MGM Macau.

I stayed at the Grand Lapa Macau, which is 5-star luxury hotel near the Outer Harbour. Here is my review.

Grand Lapa

Considering that the city has a decent collection of heritage buildings, there is a surprising lack of boutique hotels in any of the old colonial properties. One such place is the Pousada De Sao Tiago Hotel, which is set in the old Fortaleza da Barra fortress.

Taipa / Cotai

The Cotai Strip - Asia's Las Vegas
[The Cotai Strip – Asia’s Las Vegas]

The other big hotel area is The Cotai Strip. This area is across the bay from the old city, built on reclaimed land between the islands of Coloane and Taipa (thus the name, Co + Tai). Taipa is south of Macau City and is where the airport is, so Cotai is ideally located close to the airport.

The Cotai Strip is mostly luxury casino developments and is best if you’re on a gambling jaunt, or if your favourite casino is here. When you are on the Cotai Strip you will see they they are not joking when they say that Macau is the Vegas of the East. The Cotai Strip is starting to resemble The Strip in Las Vegas. The Parisian Macao even has a half-scale model of the Eiffel Tower, as does the Paris Las Vegas.

Cotai Eiffel Tower

The flagship casino of the Cotai Strip is The Venetian Macao, which is the largest casino in the world. This luxury hotel and casino resort is owned by Las Vegas Sands company and is modelled on the Venetian Las Vegas.

The Venetian Macao

Opposite The Venetian Macao is the City of Dreams resort and casino complex. The casino is surrounded by four towers with familiar names: the Hard Rock Hotel, Crown Towers Hotel, and the Grand Hyatt Macau Hotel, which occupies two towers.

While initially the casinos of Cotai have been copying the formula of Las Vegas, it’s also starting to produce some unique architecture in its own right. Also at City of Dreams is Morpheus – a hotel designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The striking design of this hotel has landed it in numerous best of lists, and it may signal a new era in Cotai where hotels strive for unique architecture.

Morpheus Hotel - Macau

Even though Macau has surpassed Vegas in terms of gambling revenue, it has a way to go before the Macau nightlife catches up to the cool factor that Vegas has. There are plans for further Vegasization of Macau, which is to say the development of non-gaming entertainment that Las Vegas does so well. Most of the entertainment options are catering for the Chinese audience, so I will be curious to see how Cotai develops in the future and if it offers more entertainment options like Vegas.

One such hotel that is bringing Hollywood-style entertainment is Studio City. This hotel resort has more family-oriented attractions, such as the Batman Dark Flight simulator and Warner Bros. Fun Zone.

Studio City - Macau

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