My name is James Clark and Nomadic Notes is about my travels and life as a digital nomad.

James Clark

About Nomadic Notes

Nomadic Notes is a travel blog from the perspective of a long term traveller. The site features travel guides, travel tips, and notes on places I have visited around the world.

About me

I am long term wanderer from Melbourne, Australia. That is to say that I’m from Melbourne when filling out official forms, though I have been of no fixed address for years.

I’m what’s known as a location independent entrepreneur (AKA a digital nomad), living the work and travel lifestyle since 2003.

My life as a long-term traveller began in 1999 when I moved to the UK on a two year working holiday visa. Living in London and with Europe on my doorstep, I discovered that I am a travel addict. This was also the year that became fascinated with the internet. I figured I should find a job that involved travel and surfing the web, thus the idea of making travel websites as a business.

Following my time in London I went back to Australia, and then applied for a working holiday visa in Ireland for a year. During my year in Dublin I was determined to set up a business that would let me work and travel on my own terms. In April, 2003 my Ireland work visa expired, so instead of returning to Australia I decided to try a life of self employment, which I am still doing to this day.

For the first few years I was spending the northern summers in Europe and the southern summers in Australia. These days I live in Southeast Asia for most of the year, basing myself in Vietnam and travelling around the region.

How do I afford a life of perpetual travel?

On Nomadic Notes I mostly focus on my travels, which may give the illusion that all I do is travel. While I am indeed a full-time nomad, I work more hours than when I was a salaried employee (there are no 4 hour work weeks for me.) I love my work though, and I can usually be found online checking my web empire first thing in the morning. I’m continually trying to find a balance where I can visit all the places I want to see and work on new projects. This is a good problem to have.

I have a media business which offers web design, social media, and SEO services for the travel industry. I also help travellers start their own travel blog. I have no office and all I need to run my business is a laptop and decent internet connection.

Since starting this travel blog I also do some freelancing travel writing on other sites, and this blog makes some commissions on referrals on products I use and recommend.

I live without a personal mortgage or a car, so my monthly expenses are reasonably manageable. While living without a fixed address has its challenges (like not having an office), I am a coffee lover so I have no problem working in cafes around the world.

Work with Nomadic Notes

Nomadic Notes features travel guides, personal travel narrative, photography, and tips on living a location independent lifestyle.

I’m available for tailored press trips from tourism offices and selected travel companies. Any press trip or hosted/discounted travel that is featured on this site is disclosed on the related post, and a condition of my working with any travel company or tourism board is that I have editorial control.

For advertising options refer to the Advertise With Nomadic Notes page.

I’m available for writing about travel and location independence, either as a guest poster or ongoing contributing author. Contact for me to discuss rates and conditions.

Connect with Me

While I love working for myself, I do miss the benefits of having co-workers around. Fortunately there are lots of great outlets where I can mingle with my fellow travellers and online business friends. You can find me on Twitter, on the Nomadic Notes Facebook page, as well as on Google+ (James Clark).

If you have any questions or comments you would like to send privately you can email me from my contact page.

Thanks for reading!

– James

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