Where to stay in Hong Kong

Where to stay in Hong Kong

Where to stay in Hong Kong: A guide to the best areas to stay in Hong Kong

If you are visiting Hong Kong and wondering which areas are the best to stay I have listed the areas for first-time visitors to Hong Kong. Regular visitors may find places further out if it’s going to save money, but for a short-term visitor it’s best to stay in the southern end of Kowloon or the northern portion of Hong Kong Island.


Kowloon is the northern part of Hong Kong that is connected to the mainland. The best place to stay in Kowloon is in Tsim Sha Tsui, which near Victoria Harbour. It’s from here that you see the magnificent view of the Hong Kong skyline across the water.

The main road in Tsim Sha Tsui is Nathan Road, which is served by two metro stations and several buses.

Kowloon has better options for budget accommodation, and 5-star accommodation arguably have the best views of Hong Kong.

Budget (1-2 Stars)

When searching for the cheapest places to stay in Hong Kong you will notice lots of listings at the Chungking Mansions. It is not an actual mansion but a giant building which is a city unto itself.

The rooms are cramped and the ground floor shops can be disorienting and slightly intimidating. It is a classic Hong Kong experience though, and if you are looking for a cheap private room then this is where you’ll likely end up. Here are my tips for staying at the Chungking Mansions.

I have stayed there numerous times, and here is a review of one of the places I stayed at – the Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel.

A few blocks down from the Chungking Mansions is the Mirador Mansion which also offers cramped budget accommodation.

Valentine Guest House – Mirador Mansion.

By now if you see a budget listing that is in a mansion don’t assume that it is something palatial.

Naruto Inn – Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion.

Mid-range (3-4 Stars)

Travelodge Kowloon

Travelodge Kowloon – Located in the heart of the action in Jordan, near the MTR and markets. Read my full review here.

Hotel Stage – Jordan.

Prince Hotel (Marco Polo) – Tsim Sha Tsui.

I stayed at the Mingle in The Shai, which is a 3-star hotel in Jordan. Here is my review.

Luxury (5 Stars)

The Peninsula Hong Kong

InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island is on the on the south side of Victoria Harbour. This is where you see those pictures of the stunning Hong Kong skyline. It’s where most of the business skyscrapers are, and the most historical British buildings. While Kowloon is relatively flat with straight roads, Hong Kong Island is hilly with lots of narrow roads.

For short-term visitors the most ideal area to stay is on the northern part of the island which faces the harbour. Finding budget accommodation is harder on this side so stick to Kowloon if you are looking for a cheap place.

While there isn’t a great range of budget accommodation you can still find the occasional great deal. I stayed at the Ramada – a 4-star hotel – for $54USD a night. That wasn’t much more than some of the budget listings, so don’t always assume the budget places are the best value.

The following hotels are the best rated hotels in the budget, mid-range, and luxury categories.

Budget (1-2 Stars)

Check Inn HK – A hostel centrally located in Wanchai.

Move Inn – Causeway Bay.

Home Plus Inn – Wanchai.

Mid-range (3-4 Stars)

Travelodge Central, Hollywood Road is on the antique road near the trendy Soho area. Here is my review.

Eco Tree Hotel – Hong Kong Island West.

Tuve – Causeway Bay.

Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island – Wanchai.

Luxury (5 Stars)

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Hong Kong Central.

Island Shangri-la Hotel – Admiralty, Hong Kong Central.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Wanchai.

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