Hotel Review: Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel (Chungking Mansions)

Hotel Review: Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel

Hotel Name: Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel
Address: Block A, 3rd Floor, Chungking Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

I stayed at the Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel which is a budget hotel/guesthouse accommodation in Hong Kong. It is one of the many cheap rooms located in the Chungking Mansions; a multi-purpose tower in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel

I booked this room on Agoda and picked it mainly for the price and location.

Chungking Mansions
[Chungking Mansions.]

I’ve stayed in the Chungking Mansions a few times now so I know that you are basically getting a cheap box of a room to sleep in. The rooms are tiny and often don’t have a window. I booked a twin room as it was suggested for tall people that the single bed rooms would be too small. I did stay in a single once and I did indeed not fit in the bed. The bed I got here was also shorter than me, thus I had to lay diagonal across the double bed (or in this case a single and a half).

When I checked in I was given the option of a room with a window but a share bathroom, or a room with a bathroom but no window. I was only staying one night so I took the windowless box. I don’t like sleeping in a room without a window but I can make exceptions for a night. The twin room at least gives you the option of using the other bed as desk space.

Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel Beds
[A typically tastefully decorated room that can be found in the Chungking Mansions.]

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Book the Hong Kong Tai Wan Hotel online or search for more hotels in Hong Kong. If you need help picking which area to stay check out my guide for staying in Hong Kong.

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  1. The legendary Chungking Mansion, wow what a place that is.

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