Guesthouse Review: Sahabat Guesthouse, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Guesthouse Name: Sahabat Guesthouse. Address: 39 & 41 Jalan Sahabat, Off Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I stayed at Sahabat Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur. I booked it for its location near the Bukit Bintang area, which is one of my favourite areas to stay in KL. Most budget guesthouses in KL are […]

Guesthouse Review: Hanoi Golden Moon Guest House, Hanoi – Vietnam

Hotel Name: Hanoi Golden Moon Guest House Address: 7 Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam. I stayed at the Hanoi Golden Moon Guest House in Hanoi. I booked online and selected it for its price and location in the old city. I don’t have a favourite area in the old city, just as […]

Guesthouse Review: Taman Negara Travellers Lodge, Kuala Tahan – Malaysia

Hotel Name: Taman Negara Travellers Lodge Address: Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan, Malaysia. I stayed at the Taman Negara Travellers Lodge in Kuala Tahan, Malaysia. I booked online for the rate of 60 MYR ($14.45 USD) plus there is a 10 MYR ($2.40 USD) government tax which is not collected during booking. Kuala Tahan is the […]

Guesthouse Review: Rose House Dabong – Malaysia

Hotel Name: Rose House Dabong Address: Lot 1050, Dabong, Kelantan, Malaysia. I stayed at the Rose House Dabong in Dabong, Malaysia. I’d never heard of Dabong until I started planning my trip on the Jungle Railway. Dabong is a village on the railway line, and one of the last daytime services terminates here. I wanted […]

Guesthouse Review: Diyana Bajet Hotel, Kota Bharu – Malaysia

Hotel Name: Diyana Bajet Hotel Address: No 209 Seksen 11, 1135 Jalan Hilir Pasar, Kota Bharu City Centre, Kota Bharu, Malaysia. I stayed at the Diyana Bajet Hotel in Kota Bharu. I booked it for its location in Kota Bharu and the rate was 30.52 MYR ($7.40 USD) for a private room with shared bathroom. […]

Guesthouse Review: Art Hotel Hua Lamphong – Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel Name: Art Hotel Hua Lamphong Address: 428-430 Rong Mueang Road, Bangkok, Thailand. I stayed at the Art Hotel Hua Lamphong in Bangkok. I booked it mainly for its proximity to Hua Lamphong, the main railway station of Bangkok. I had an evening train to catch and I wanted to have a room in the […]

Guesthouse Review: Lee Chieng Lee, Bangkok – Thailand

Hotel Name: Lee Chieng Lee Address: 1137 Songward Road, Sampantawong, Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand. I stayed at the Leechienglee guesthouse in Bangkok. I booked it online and picked it for its location in the vicinity of the Chinatown area. I got a single room with a private bathroom for $13.17 USD, which is a great […]

Where to stay in Georgetown, Penang

Penang is a state in Malaysia that includes the island of Penang and the strip of adjacent land on the peninsula. For most visitors when they say they are going to Penang they mean they are going to Georgetown, on the northeast tip of Penang island (Pulau Pinang). [Georgetown in relation to Pulau Pinang and […]

Where to stay in Macau – The best areas and hotels

Macau (or Macao in English) is a former colonial trading port of Portugal on the Pearl River estuary in Southern China. Macau was returned back to China in 1999, and it’s governed as a Special Administrative Region of China (like Hong Kong). While it’s much smaller than its counterpart across the river, Macau has made […]

Guesthouse Review: Kimberley House, Georgetown – Malaysia

Guesthouse Name: Kimberley House. Address: 59 Kimberley Street, George Town, Penang, Malaysia. I stayed at Kimberley House in Georgetown, Penang. I booked online and the rate was 42.90 MYR ($10.50 USD) per night, plus a 10 MYR tax that is collected by the hotel. I picked it for its location on Kimberley Street, which is […]