Hanoi Train Street – An infrastructure anomaly that’s become an Instagram sensation

One of the more unusual tourist attractions to emerge in Hanoi is the Hanoi train street. This “street” is more of a passageway that has a single railway line passing through it. There are houses on either side with barely enough room for the train to pass through. The railway is not fenced off, so […]

Hanoi to Haiphong by train

The Hanoi-Haiphong railway is one of the few railway lines in Vietnam that is not part of the main north-south railway. Originally this line was part of the Yunnan-Haiphong Railway that was built by France between 1904–1910. Haiphong is the closest seaport to Hanoi so it’s always been an important access point for Hanoi. Haiphong […]

Notes on Haiphong – A historic port city in Northern Vietnam

Haiphong is the third largest city in Vietnam, and apart from being an industrial port city it has a historic city centre that should attract more tourists than it does. It rarely makes anyones list of places to visit in Vietnam, but if you have time it’s worth a detour. I had read it being […]

Guesthouse Review: Hanoi Golden Moon Guest House, Hanoi – Vietnam

Hotel Name: Hanoi Golden Moon Guest House Address: 7 Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam. I stayed at the Hanoi Golden Moon Guest House in Hanoi. I booked online and selected it for its price and location in the old city. I don’t have a favourite area in the old city, just as […]

Hotel Review: Church Alley Hotel, Hanoi – Vietnam

Hotel Name: Church Alley Hotel Address: No 13 Ngo Huyen Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. I stayed at the Church Alley Hotel in Hanoi. I booked online and picked it for its price and location in the old city. I was originally staying for a night so I just wanted a cheap room in a […]

Hotel Review: Dong Duong Hotel, Haiphong – Vietnam

Hostel Name: Dong Duong Hotel Address: 4D Ho Sen, Haiphong, Vietnam. I stayed at the Dong Duong Hotel in Haiphong, Vietnam. This was my first visit to Haiphong and I wasn’t aware of which area was a good place to stay. I just looked for the old town area and railway station, and picked somewhere […]

Notes on Nha Trang – stopover edition

Nha Trang is a provincial coastal city of Vietnam that feels like a resort. Like Danang in central Vietnam, the city is right on the beach. While Danang has been grabbing international headlines with it’s Golden Bridge and listing of top places to visit by the NY Times, Nha Trang has been quietly getting on […]

Hotel Review: Forget Me Not Hotel, Nha Trang – Vietnam

Hotel Name: Forget Me Not Hotel Address: 2S Quan Tran, Hung Vuong Street, Nha Trang, Vietnam. I stayed at Forget Me Not Hotel in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I was in Nha Trang on a stopover for a day, so I was just looking for a cheap room for the night. Forget Me Not Hotel is […]

Cu Chi Tunnels – Historic Vietnam War site near Saigon

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a network of tunnels to the northwest of Saigon built by communist guerrilla troops (Viet Cong). They were originally built during the resistance against French colonialists, and then expanded during the fight against American and South Vietnamese forces. The tunnel network is now a popular tourist attraction, being one of […]

Where to stay in Da Nang – the best areas and most notable hotels

Da Nang is increasingly becoming a travel hotspot in Southeast Asia. Located midway between Hanoi and Saigon, this Vietnamese city is geographically blessed with a river and sea front, with mountains in the backdrop. It wasn’t that long ago that travellers bypassed Da Nang on the way to and from Hoi An. Nowadays Da Nang […]