Jakarta Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Indonesia > Jakarta Travel Guide Accommodation Jakarta hotels – Search for discount hotels in Jakarta with lowest rates guaranteed. Jalan Jaksa – The backpacker budget accommodation street in Jakarta Travel Guides jakarta-tourism.go.id – Official tourism website. Jakarta.go.id – Official Jakarta city government website has some tourist information. Now Jakarta – Guide to […]

The Big Durian: Why first-timers to Durians and Jakarta should be with supervision

Jakarta is the city known as The Big Durian. Just like its fruity namesake, Jakarta has the ability to repulse first-time tasters and have them running, swearing never to return. I have tried durian a couple of times and I still haven’t acquired a taste for it. The last time I tried it made me […]

In Pictures: Kota (Old Jakarta)

Kota (Old Jakarta) is the area around the old port area of Jakarta. [Remnants of Old Jakarta] The remaining heritage buildings here are remnants from the Dutch colonial era when the city was known as Batavia. [Jakarta History Museum] Like seemingly every big colonial city in the region Batavia was an “x of the east” […]

Transjakarta – The express bus system of Jakarta

Jakarta has a population of approximately 9 million people and no metro system. It’s a city that sprawls in every direction and its traffic congestion is legendary. The city has come up with a workable bus system that has at least made travel in some parts of Jakarta much faster. [Transjakarta Bus] Transjakarta is a […]

Jalan Jaksa – The backpacker budget accommodation street in Jakarta

For backpackers and budget travellers arriving in Jakarta, Jalan Jaksa is the the best option to find budget accommodation. The jalan (street) has Losmen (basic flophouse style accommodation) and budget hotels. The cheapest ones aren’t usally bookable online so you have to get there early to find them, otherwise you can book Jalan Jaksa accommodation […]

Trains in Java – Indonesia

Java has a useful train network which makes for a great way to get from Jakarta to major cities on the island. [Train at Jakarta Gambir Station] The trains are spacious and comfortable and have a meal service. [Jakarta view from train] After flying and overnight buses the train has been a welcome change. The […]

Flight Review: AirAsia – Padang to Jakarta, Indonesia

Airline: AirAsia From: Padang (PDG), Indonesia To: Jakarta (CJK), Indonesia I had originally intended to get the bus from Padang to Jakarta, until I discovered that the cost of flying was only a few dollars more than the bus. Seeing that the bus was also going to cost me 30 hours, flying was an easy […]