I’m done with visiting “traditional villages”

It was on a tour around Bajawa in Indonesia where I came down with traditional village fatigue. I had hired a bike driver to take me to the sites in what was a well-worn itinerary. The tour included a walk to a volcanic lake, a waterfall, hot springs, and visiting traditional villages. The traditional village […]

The first meal I will eat when I get back is…

“What’s the first thing you are going to eat when you get back?” I asked Dan while we waited for our flight to Hanoi. “Fried eel soup.” Dan said this without missing a beat. He said it like he had already thought of this, and I asked him because I knew he would be the […]

10 years as a digital nomad

In April, 2003, I left my job in Dublin and began my life as a digital nomad. At the time I didn’t know that I had just become a digital nomad, or that I would be doing it for ten years. My previous employment record was three years and three months, and that was three […]

My life as a non-drinking traveller

It was 20 years ago today March 14, 2013 marks an important milestone in my life: I have been sober for 20 years. This means I haven’t had a drink or mind altering substance in that time, and to top that off I gave up smoking on the same day as well. Being a non-drinker […]

Travel Habits, Rituals and Superstitions I Have Acquired Over The Years

I first went overseas in 1995 (to Hawaii) and I got the travel bug immediately. Over this time I have acquired numerous travel habits and superstitions that follow me around the world, and even dictate my travels. I Travel To London Every Year Visiting London at least once a year is something that I make […]

The world’s best airport names

Nepal have announced plans to name an airport after Sir Edmund Hillary and his climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay. Lukla airport will become Tenzing-Hillary airport. It is a common tradition worldwide to name an airport after a local hero. Here is a list of some of the best airport names in the world. UK – Liverpool […]

When can you say you’ve been to a country?

When can you say you’ve been to a country? Can you say you have been to a country if you only spent a few hours in one of its cities? Changing planes at international airports doesn’t count (of course), but what about a weekend or day trip to one place? Technically you can, but do […]

Holland or the Netherlands?

[Map of the Netherlands with Holland highlighted] It seems that some people and media institutions still don’t understand the Holland/Netherlands relationship. Technically Holland is a region within the Netherlands made up of the two provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. Saying Holland when you mean the Netherlands is like saying England when you mean Great Britain. […]

New Country Day – the sensation from visiting a country for the first time

On October 23, 2009 I arrived in Serbia for the first time via a train from Hungary. It occurred to me when my passport was getting stamped that I can never arrive in Serbia for the first time again. I call this “New Country Day”. Being in a country for the first time can only […]

Travel the world as a spy

If you are looking for a job where you are paid to travel the world, then perhaps a job as a spy is for you. Here is a compilation of secret service departments around the world and how to go about getting a job as an international man (or woman) of mystery. Secret Intelligence Service […]