Bun Cha Obama – visiting the restaurant that Obama and Bourdain ate at in Hanoi

During the 2016 Presidential visit to Vietnam, Barack Obama went to a bun cha restaurant in Hanoi with Anthony Bourdain. If you didn’t see what happened check out the video and this interview with Bourdain on meeting Obama in Hanoi. I wasn’t planning to visit Bun Cha Obama on my visit to Hanoi. There is […]

Food to try in Makassar, Indonesia

Makassar is the gateway to Sulawesi and is considered as a major culinary destination of Indonesia. Even if you are a frequent traveller to Indonesia you may be surprised to find cuisine here that is not found anywhere else in the Indonesian archipelago. During my visit I sampled a selection of local dishes as well […]

Where I’m At: January, 2014 – Ho Chi Minh City

Greetings from Saigon. I’ve just returned to Vietnam after a few weeks back “home” in Melbourne. It was great to go back after an absence of a year and a half. I like noticing what has changed after being away for a while, and it was weird to hear the Australian accent everywhere. Wow, do […]

Devouring durians in Davao

Durians and I I’m not a fan of durians. Every time I have tried a piece it has grossed me out and had me wishing for a bottle of mouth wash and a tongue scraper. And the taste lingers for ages; durians – it seems – cannot be untasted. Despite this I have still been […]

The first meal I will eat when I get back is…

“What’s the first thing you are going to eat when you get back?” I asked Dan while we waited for our flight to Hanoi. “Fried eel soup.” Dan said this without missing a beat. He said it like he had already thought of this, and I asked him because I knew he would be the […]

Where I’m At: October, 2012 – Penang

Penang – A visa/food run to Malaysia Greetings from Penang. I am now here for the umpteenth time in my life (I have really lost count by now how many times I’ve been here) for a visa run from Thailand. I’m also calling it a food run to get a fix of Indian food, which […]

Book Review: The Food Traveler’s Handbook by Jodi Ettenberg

I have been meaning to intoduce a travel book review section here at Nomadic Notes for some time, so without further procrastination I introduce: Travel Book Reviews. With this series I intend to highlight travel fiction, travel memoirs, useful guidebooks, and books related to the digital nomadic/location independent lifestyle. I am starting off this series […]

In Pictures: Ho Chi Minh City – 30 Instagram photos in 30 days

I have become quite a fan of using Instagram to record daily observations and follow friends and other interesting photographers. I resisted joining at first, dismissing it as yet another social media platform that will eat into my work day. However after Instagram was acquired by Facebook for one billion dollars I joined up just […]

Where I’m At: September, 2012 – Ho Chi Minh City

Living in Ho Chi Minh City for a month [Uncle Ho in Ho Chi Minh City] Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City (also still called Saigon by many here.) I haven’t been here since 2005 and I was only here for a few days on that trip, but the word on the street is that […]

A highlights of Turkish food tour in Istanbul

While in Istanbul I caught up with a travel blogger I met in Sumatra. I was on a bus from Lake Toba to Bukittinggi, and as the bus was leaving the ticket man pointed to me and said “you two both the same, sit next to him”. It turned out that my new found seat […]