Makassar Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Indonesia > Makassar Travel Guide Makassar is the largest city in Sulawesi and a major hub for travel in Indonesia. I flew into Makassar for onward travel to Tana Toraja and Bira Beach. These are my notes of things to see, where to stay, cafes, and food to try. Makassar travel map […]

Food to try in Makassar, Indonesia

Makassar is the gateway to Sulawesi and is considered as a major culinary destination of Indonesia. Even if you are a frequent traveller to Indonesia you may be surprised to find cuisine here that is not found anywhere else in the Indonesian archipelago. During my visit I sampled a selection of local dishes as well […]

Flight Review: SilkAir – Makassar to Singapore

Flight: SilkAir MI 141 From: Makassar (UPG) To: Singapore (SIN) I flew as a guest of SilkAir from Makassar to Singapore. This was the return leg of my flight from Singapore. SilkAir fly to Makassar three times a week, and I flew on the monday flight both times. Before my flight I received an email […]

Hotel Review: Wisma City Inn, Makassar – Indonesia

Hotel Name: Wisma City Inn Address: Jl. Ahmad Yai B 34, Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia I stayed at the Wisma City Inn in Makassar, Indonesia. I booked online which worked out to approximately $16.79 USD per night. I booked it for its location, which is around the Chinatown area. The hotel is in a side street […]

Hotel Review: Wisma Jampea, Makassar – Indonesia

Hotel Name: Wisma Jampea Address: Jalan Jampea No. 2, Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia I stayed at the Wisma Jampea in Makassar, Sulawesi. I arrived in Makassar with no hotel booking so I went to Jalan Jampea in Chinatown which I knew had some budget hotels. I had stayed at the Hotel Yasmin across the road so […]

Hotel Review: Hotel Yasmin, Makassar – Indonesia

Hotel Name: Hotel Yasmin Address: Jalan Jampea No. 5, Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia I stayed at the Hotel Yasmin in Makassar, Sulawesi. I booked online and selected it for its location in the Chinatown area of Makassar. I think this is the best area for a short-term visitor to Makassar. The Yasmin is a 3-star business […]

Hotel Review: Grand Populer Hotel, Makassar – Indonesia

Hotel Name: Grand Populer Hotel Address: 30th Sulawesi Street, Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia I stayed at the Grand Populer Hotel in Makassar, Indonesia. I booked online and the rate worked out to be 235,000 Rupiah ($16.35 USD). This was my first time to Makassar (or Sulawesi for that matter) and I didn’t know which area would […]

Flight Review: SilkAir – Singapore to Makassar (Indonesia)

Flight: SilkAir MI 142 From: Singapore (SIN) To: Makassar (UPG) SilkAir is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, flying to short-haul destinations in Southeast Asia, India, China, and Australia. The airline operates mainly to regional destinations beyond the busy capital city routes covered by Singapore Airlines I flew as a guest of the airline […]

Where I’m At: September, 2015 – Makassar (Sulawesi)

Where I’m At is my monthly update of what I’ve been up to, site news, and where I’m going next. Greetings from Makassar. Yes, I’m back in Indonesia and visiting the island of Sulawesi for the first time. And after two months of eating all of the pastries in Europe it is good to be […]