Cu Chi Tunnels – Historic Vietnam War site near Saigon

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a network of tunnels to the northwest of Saigon built by communist guerrilla troops (Viet Cong). They were originally built during the resistance against French colonialists, and then expanded during the fight against American and South Vietnamese forces. The tunnel network is now a popular tourist attraction, being one of […]

Cafe Saigon 1975 – a war memorabilia cafe in Ho Chi Minh City

In my quest to visit different cafes in Saigon I’m always looking out for new places in my wanders. One day I found a sign pointing down an alley that stopped my in my tracks. It was for Cafe Saigon 1975. There are some years in history that are indelibly linked to a city; 1066 […]

Iconic Saigon war photo locations revisited

There are some cities in the world where I can’t help but think about its troubled past. I lived in London for two years where its ugly post-war buildings are a constant reminder of the blitz. I have spent several months in Budapest where you see plaques everywhere inscribed with 1956. Ho Chi Minh City […]