Notes on Cox’s Bazar – the longest beach in the world

Cox’s Bazar is the pride and joy of Bangladeshis. Everywhere I went people would always say to visit their famous beach. I had already planned my Bangladesh trip to end at Cox’s Bazar, and after being in the big cities I was looking forward to filling my lungs with sea air for a few days. […]

Unawatuna Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Sri Lanka > Unawatuna Travel Guide Unawatuna is 5 km south of Galle and is usually lumped together with Galle. If you are a beach person then you may prefer to stay here and just do day trips into Galle. I felt that Unawatuna was a destination in itself, so I stayed […]

Notes on Pangandaran, Indonesia – An alternative beach destination to Bali

[Pangandaran Beach, Java – Indonesia] Up until a few days before I arrived I had never heard of Pangandaran. This fishing village on the south coast of West Java is a popular beach resort (if you can describe it as that) for domestic visitors, but like much of Indonesia beyond Bali, it is not on […]

Pulau Pangkor Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Malaysia > Pangkor Travel Guide Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) is on the West Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. It’s close enough to Kuala Lumpur to make it an accessible stopover destination, which was how I ended up on the island. I had a week in KL enroute to China, so rather than staying […]

Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

The Black sea Coast of Bulgaria has been a budget holiday favourite for decades. First with the countries behind the Iron Curtain, and now with the countries from the cold north. Along this stretch of coast is a good cross section of Europe with styling urban cities, cheapo package holiday resorts, old fishing villages and […]

Notes on Fort Lauderdale: beaches and canals

Fort Lauderdale is one of those places that turned out better than I thought it would be. The beaches are better than Miami (softer sand) and the mansions and super yachts along the waterways are truly grand. Fort Lauderdale Beach. Fort Lauderdale is sometimes called the Venice of America. I wince whenever I hear the […]

Notes on Miami: The Capital of the Americas

Going To Miami It wasn’t my original plan to visit Miami on this trip to the USA. I was planning to road trip from Chicago back to Newport, RI, where I have based myself. It turns out that there is hardly a hostel between Chicago and Newport, so my accommodation budget was facing a blowout […]

Sentosa Island – Singapore

Location: Sentosa Island – Singapore Sentosa Island is a leisure resort island off the city-state island of Singapore. It is regarded as the southern most point of continental Asia, though that is disputable as Singapore is an island, therefore technically not continental. [Southern Most Point Of Continental Asia] Sentosa has a theme park resort feel […]