Eating your way around Penang

Penang is well known for being a foodies paradise, and it is one of those destinations where people go just to eat. If you don’t know your Hokkien Mee from your Wan Tan Mee, there is a great brochure that lists the most popular dishes of the Island. It gives a description of each meal […]

The world’s best airport names

Nepal have announced plans to name an airport after Sir Edmund Hillary and his climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay. Lukla airport will become Tenzing-Hillary airport. It is a common tradition worldwide to name an airport after a local hero. Here is a list of some of the best airport names in the world. UK – Liverpool […]

When can you say you’ve been to a country?

When can you say you’ve been to a country? Can you say you have been to a country if you only spent a few hours in one of its cities? Changing planes at international airports doesn’t count (of course), but what about a weekend or day trip to one place? Technically you can, but do […]

Save money on flights using alternative airports in Europe

Before my first trip to Europe I wouldn’t have been able to tell you where Karlsruhe, Katowice or Klagenfurt was on the map. Since then I not only know where they are, I have used their airports and have saved hundreds of Euros in the process. [Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Closest isn’t always cheapest] My […]

Holland or the Netherlands?

[Map of the Netherlands with Holland highlighted] It seems that some people and media institutions still don’t understand the Holland/Netherlands relationship. Technically Holland is a region within the Netherlands made up of the two provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. Saying Holland when you mean the Netherlands is like saying England when you mean Great Britain. […]

Tour Review: Classic Mini Tours of London

I have lived in London for two years of my life and I visit once a year for work. In all that time I have never been on a tour. The idea of getting on one of those big buses has never appealed to me. So when I was contacted by smallcarBIGCITY and offered a […]

Notes on Belgrade: A curious mix of Classical and Commie Europe

Visiting Belgrade When I was growing up Belgrade was one of those cities that I had only heard of on the news. Just like the other Bel -Belfast – whenever you would hear about Belgrade it was always for all the wrong reasons. Belgrade has emerged from the troubled breakup of Yugoslavia, and is now […]

5 Amsterdam coffee shops that aren’t “coffeeshops”

Amsterdam is world famous for its coffee shops, but as a non-smoker I have no interest in these “coffee shops”. [Cannabis coffeeshop displaying Coffeeshop license] The Netherlands doesn’t rate high in the coffee-making stakes in Europe. The typical coffee of the Netherlands is filter coffee. Coffee shops that aren’t coffee shops in a land of […]

Rotterdam Santa Claus: The most offensive public art in Europe?

The Netherlands is famous for being a liberal country, but this public art in Rotterdam could be the most offensive in Europe. The statue is of a giant Santa Claus holding a butt plug. It was created by the American installation-artist Paul McCarthy and it represents a symbol of modern consumerism. I’m not a Christian […]

Leaning buildings of Amsterdam

The buildings in Amsterdam lean forward slightly. It is not sinking nor a trick of the eye after a day on the smoke. The fronts lean forward slightly so furniture can be hoisted up via the hooks that hang from the top.