Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an – China

Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an – China. Travel Photos: Terracotta Warriors Xi’an Photo Gallery

Macau – Las Vegas of the East

Macau has become the biggest gambling centre in the world, having overtaken Las Vegas in terms of gaming revenues in 2007. There aren’t as many entertainment options in Macau compared to Las Vegas (like the shows and theme parks), so it remains to be seen if Macau can become Rat Pack cool like Vegas. The […]

Flight Review: MASwings – Miri to Mulu, Malaysia

Airline: MASwings From: Miri (MYY) To: Mulu (MZV) Gunung Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia. While it’s not far from the city of Miri, there are no roads from Miri and the boat there is costly and slow. So the easiest way there is to fly. About MASwings […]

Attending a traditional tribal wedding in Sabah, Borneo

Sometimes weird and wonderful things happen when you travel. I had a good feeling about Malaysian Borneo the moment I arrived in Kota Kinabalu and I ended up spending longer in KK than I had intended. I wasn’t in a hurry to leave and things just kept happening. On what was meant to be my […]

Gulangyu – a car-free island near Xiamen, China

In my travels around China I got to see the A-list cultural highlights such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors, as well as seeing the wonderful Giant Pandas. What I found more surprising about China is the amount of unheralded goodness there is in this country. One […]

Victoria Peak – The best view in Hong Kong

If you wake up in Hong Kong and the sun is shining and the sky is blue, head for the hills. Victoria Peak in particular. The peak gives you the best view of Hong Kong, and it is worth going up the peak for the Peak Tram alone, one of the most famous tramways in […]

My plan for saving the endangered Giant Panda

As I made my way across China what I kept hearing the most was how good the pandas of Chengdu were. I was getting so many good reviews I had to investigate further. Chengdu has become famous for the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, which is the most popular place to view pandas in China. […]

Shanghai Expo 2010: It’s a wonderful world, even without jetpacks and hovercars

I happened to be in Shanghai while the World Expo was on. I didn’t plan my travels around this event so it turned out to be a pleasant coincidence to be there at the same time. I entered with no expectations, and left feeling good about the world and its inhabitants. – China Pavilion at […]

Walking Westlake, Hangzhou – China

Before coming to China I had not heard of Hangzhou, but in China the city is famous for Westlake. After spending a day walking around this lake, I’m wondering why it isn’t famous around the world. AirAsia fly to Hangzhou from Kuala Lumpur but they advertise Hangzhou as Shanghai, even though it is over 190km […]

Getting cheap train tickets in Germany

Travel by train is my favourite way of getting around Germany. The trains are clean, nearly always on time and the rail network goes practically everywhere. All that efficiency though doesn’t come cheap. Unless you have a Eurail Pass, just turning up to the train station and buying a ticket is expensive. If you can […]