Tokyo Travel Guide

Travel Guides Go Tokyo – Official travel guide from the Tokyo Convention and Visitiors Bureau. Tokyo Cheapo – A guide to visiting and living in Tokyo on the cheap. List the cheapest restaurants, hotels, entertainment and shopping. – Discover cool and traditional Tokyo spots beyond the guidebook recommendations by word-of-mouth reviews. Exploring Tokyo – […]

Meaty T-shirts spotted around Harajuku, Tokyo


I did a 5 day stop-over in Tokyo in 2007 en route to London from Australia. One thing I really wanted to see was the Harajuku girls and associated sub-culture. What I didn’t know until I got there was that all the cool stuff at Harajuku happens on the weekend. I was in Tokyo from […]

Cartoon fire hydrant, Tokyo – Japan

Fire Hydrant - Tokyo

This below ground hydrant seen on the streets of Tokyo is so cool. Todays society has lost the art of making ordinary things interesting. [Tokyo Fire Hydrant] Travel Photos: Tokyo photo gallery

Capsule vending machines, Tokyo – Japan

Capsule Vending Machine

Capsule vending machines, Tokyo – Japan. Travel Photos: Tokyo photo gallery

Eat the whale, Tokyo – Japan

Whale Restaurant

A restaurant in Tokyo serving whale. The picture depicts all the bits of the whale that are on the menu. Japan still insists that its whale hunting is scientific.

A homage to two great subway systems in Tokyo

New York Subway Sign

Seen on the streets of Tokyo… A nod to New York… …and a nod to London.

Packing the crowd into the Tokyo Subway

Tokyo Subway

[Ueno Subway Station – Tokyo] Tokyo is well known for its crowded subway system. If you are arriving to Tokyo around peak hour and are thinking of using the subway system, then it might be better to wait it out until the crowds subside. I got into town at about 10 at night so there […]

Fugu me: Puffer fish in Tokyo

Puffer Fish

[Puffer Fish Restaurant – Tokyo] If prepared incorrectly, the fugu (puffer fish) is lethal.

Staying in a Japanese Capsule Hotel

Japanese Capsule Hotel

Tokyo offers a wide range of accommodation options, but nothing is as quirky as a capsule hotel. The first capsule hotel opened in Osaka in 1979 and they can now be found in major cities across Japan. The capsule hotel idea has not taken off anywhere else though which makes for a unique Japanese accommodation […]

Hi-tech toilets of Japan

Toilet Japan

[Hi-Tech Toilet – Tokyo] Ahh, the fabled hi-tech toilets of Japan. I had heard much of these WC’s, so I was delighted to finally see one. To start off with the seat was heated. I’m not sure if this was a built in feature or due to the fact that I was hot seating after […]