Osaka Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Japan > Osaka Travel Guide Accommodation Osaka hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Osaka, Japan. Travel Guides – Information about Osaka by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau. Includes information about events, sightseeing, accommodation, and golden routes in Osaka. Blogs Our Osaka Blog – A British-Finnish family’s experience of […]

Japan Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Japan Travel Guide Destination Guides Osaka Tokyo Accommodation Japan hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Japan. Travel Guides Japan National Tourism Organization – Official travel site with guides on where to go and latest travel updates. Blogs Japan Travel Mate – Photo blog and travel guide. Blog Posts Japan, and […]

Tokyo Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Japan > Tokyo Travel Guide Accommodation Tokyo Hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Tokyo. Travel Guides Go Tokyo – Official travel guide from the Tokyo Convention and Visitiors Bureau. Tokyo Cheapo – A guide to visiting and living in Tokyo on the cheap. List the cheapest restaurants, hotels, entertainment and […]

Staying in a Japanese Capsule Hotel

[A review of my stay at Capsule Inn Akihabara from my 2007 visit to Tokyo.] Tokyo offers a wide range of accommodation options, but nothing is as quirky as a capsule hotel. The first capsule hotel opened in Osaka in 1979 and they can now be found in major cities across Japan. I stayed at […]

Notes on Tokyo: Godzilla, hi-tech toilets, packed subways, fugu fish

Notes from my visit to Tokyo in April, 2007. Godzilla and I On my city map of Tokyo I noticed a dot marked “Godzilla Statue”. In my mind’s eye I pictured a statue at least one storey high of the lizard, perhaps eating a car, with life size people statues fleeing the scene in terror. […]