Airbnb Review: Studio apartment near Ueno/Akihabara, Tokyo – Japan

Airbnb Review: Studio apartment near Ueno/Akihabara, Tokyo - Japan

Hostel Name: Studio apartment near Ueno/Akihabara, Tokyo.
Address: Taito City, Tokyo, Japan.

On this trip to Tokyo I stayed in a private apartment booked via Airbnb. I’ve been to Tokyo before so I had a general idea of where I might like to stay. To limit the overwhelming amount of areas to choose from I try and find a place near the Yamanote Line. This is a circular railway line that passes through some of the best areas in Tokyo. In the end I went with an apartment near Ueno/Akihabara.

When I visited Osaka last year Japan had just passed some new laws regarding renting apartments. The bookings I had made were cancelled, so I ended up having to make some last-minute hotel bookings. Airbnb is still legal in Japan, but when you make a booking you are sent a link for a government registration form.

Once my booking was confirmed I was sent a detailed file on how to get to the apartment, and how to check in. I was coming from Tokyo Station so I got the Yamanote line to Okachimachi. It was about a 10 minute walk from that station to the apartment. If you arrive by metro the Shin-Okachimachi metro station is a 5 minute walk away.

The apartment is in a residential area and it was easy enough to find by following the instructions.

Airbnb Taito City

The apartment was in a small building standing on its own, and I was on the ground floor. The checking in process was exactly as described in the instructions.

Airbnb building

I got a studio apartment that has two double beds. Far more room than I needed, but I liked the area and I wanted a spacious room. After staying in a capsule hotel and a small room in a business hotel this was a welcome change. The room is sold as being able to fit 4 people, but you would have to know the travelling couple well to live in such a space.

I picked a bed that had the most accessible power outlet, and the bed was amazingly comfortable. I had just come from Kyoto where I had experienced the most comfortable mattress of the year. The mattress here was just as comfortable. After previous Japan experiences of sleeping on uncomfortable futons, I was having a winning trip in terms of comfortable beds.

Twin double beds

There was a little lounge area, but the lounge was always going to struggle to win my custom when the bed was so nice. The room had windows on two sides so it was bright inside. The windows are opaque though, so no views of the neighbouring buildings.


There was a fridge and microwave next to my bed.


And a kitchenette area with a kettle and sink.


The bathroom was structurally good, but had some annoying features. First off, it has a proper Japanese toilet which I wish were a thing in Australia. The annoying things were the lack of towel racks, and the tiny sink that has a motion sensor and only dispenses warm water.


There is a good walk-in shower with a good hot water system. I check the shower situation on the booking as I don’t like the showers in the high bathtubs that can be found in Japan.


there is free wifi in the Airbnb, and the login process was simple. My two biggest concerns when booking an Airbnb is being stranded outside while waiting to be let in, and the wifi not working as instructed.

Overall this was a good stay for this trip to Tokyo. The building and studio were great, but if this was my place I would get rid of a bed and remodel the room slightly so there is a kitchen space with a table. I would also add bedside lights, as the only other light apart from the main room light was near the lounge.

The location was great as well. There are lots of eating options around Okachimachi, and something I didn’t plan was that the apartment was 20 minutes walk to Ueno Station. From there I got the Skyliner express train to Narita Airport. This was helpful as I had an early flight from Narita. The Akihabara electronics/entertainment area is also within walking distance.

Check the room details here or search for other Airbnb rooms in Tokyo. If you’re new to Airbnb you can get a credit towards your first booking here: Airbnb signup credit.

If you would rather stay in a hotel then search for more hotels in Tokyo.

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