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Travel Guides Miami and Beaches – Official website of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. Miami New Times – Local Miami news, events, music, movies, restaurants, and reviews. Miami Beach Travel Guide – Information on sightseeing, beaches, history, attractions, events, cultural life, and sports. Miami Info – Miami restaurants, events, attractions, shopping, maps, beaches, […]

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Travel Guides Las Vegas – Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Vegas Solo – Destination guide for solo visitors to Vegas. Las Vegas Weekly – City lifestyle magazine with what’s on, news, dining, entertainment news. Las Vegas City Life – News, cultural information and perspectives on life in Las Vegas. – Las Vegas shows, […]

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Travel Guides Discover Los Angeles – LA Tourism & Convention Board. LAist – News, food, arts and events. Los Angeles Magazine – LA lifestyle magazine covering people, food, fashion, arts and news. – Guide to Los Angeles for visitors and residents, featuring where to go, what to do, and current events. LA Weekly – […]

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Travel Guides NYCgo – Official NYC guide with information on travel, restaurants, shops, clubs and cultural events. I

In Pictures: JFK assassination sites in Dallas

Book Depository

If you travel with American Airlines in the US there is a good chance you will have a connecting flight at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. This was the case for me where I was on my way to Belize City with a connection at DFW. I was using frequent flyer points and the only seats […]

Manhattan from the air, New York – USA

New York from the air

This view never gets old. When I fly to New York it’s usually a long haul flight so I get an isle seat. On this occasion I was flying from Miami to New York La Guardia so I got a window seat. As we were flying from the south I guessed that the best view […]

In Pictures: Beautiful buildings of Detroit

Michigan Central Station - Detroit

Detroit?! You’re going to Detroit?! Why? This was the most common reaction I heard when detailing my US travel plans to Americans. Occasionally I would meet someone more curious who thought it was a good idea, but they were few and far between. They wanted to go for the same reason I did: ruin porn […]

In Pictures: Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles

I have been to Los Angeles a number of times yet I had never been to the downtown area. When I first came to LA, in 1996, the Downtown area was still off the map for tourists. It was the America that you heard on the news, with crime riddled streets and Americas largest skid […]

[Travel Photo] Theme Building, Los Angeles International Airport

Theme Building

While LAX might be one of my least favourite airports in the world, I will never tire of seeing this building. The Theme Building was completed in 1961 and it looks like what the future was meant to look like. Instead we got glass boxes. Travel Photos: LAX Photo Gallery Travel Guides: LA Travel Guide

Travel Photo: Travel By Train [Denver - USA]

Union Station

Travel By Train sign at Union Station in Denver, Colorado – a sentiment I heartily agree with. Travel Photos: Denver Photo Gallery