Is there a better phrase than “digital nomad”?

I call myself a digital nomad for want of a better term. I run a business that doesn’t require me to be at a fixed address so I take advantage of that by working in locations around the world. In my travels I have met many others who are living a similar life, yet they […]

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Writing)

When you work for yourself you soon find what hours are the most productive for you. I was reflecting on this when I found myself in a Hanoi-style cafe in Saigon on a saturday night. I usually walk around everywhere with my laptop, but this night I only had my notepad and pen at hand. […]

An unconventional convention: The World Domination Summit

As a work from home (or in my case, away) entrepreneur I have no proverbial water cooler to mingle with fellow work mates. To make up for this I attend a few conferences each year that are in my field of work. Most of the conferences I attend are travel blogging related (such as TBEX […]