Flight Review: Viva Macau – Macau to Sydney

Flight Review: Viva Macau - Macau to Sydney

Viva Macau was a low cost airline based in Macau. They ceased operations in March 2010. This is a review from my flight in 2007 which remains in the Flight Review archive.

Flight: Viva Macau ZG 9501
Date: 8 Dec 2007

Viva Macau is a low cost airline from Macau. They offer a no frills long haul service so you need to come prepared before you fly, as you will not be fed and entertained like you would on a full service airline.

What they do offer is one of the cheapest flights you will find from Sydney to East Asia. I picked up a sale seat for $199 (one-way) plus taxes, bringing the total to $320 Australian Dollars. I booked the flight online about one month before flying and it was the cheapest flight from Hong Kong or Macau.


If you are in Sydney and are looking to get a cheap flight to Hong Kong then this could be another option, as there are ferries from the Macau airport to Hong Kong. I booked this flight as segment of a trip from London to Sydney by low cost airlines. The first segment was from London to Hong Kong with Oasis Hong Kong [edit: this airline is also now out of business].

As this flight is at night you could stay in Hong Kong, then get the ferry in the morning and spend a day exploring Macau. If you prefer to stay in Macau then check out this guide on the best areas to stay in Macau.

Viva Macau at Macau International Airport


Viva Macau use a Boeing 767 for this route. The seating arrangement is 2-3-2 across.

Viva Macau seats


Viva Macau show movies on a projector screen. There are no personal screens. They show an English and Hong Kong film during the flight. Bring your own headphones, otherwise you will need to purchase a set.

Food and Drink

There is no inflight meal service so make sure you have a big meal at the airport or bring enough food. The only hot meal available to purchase was pot noodles. Drinks have to be bought as well.

Currencies accepted include Macau Pataca, Hong Kong, US and Austalian Dollars.

Here is a list of items available for purchase onboard, in Hong Kong Dollars.

Blanket 40 HKD
Neck Pillow 20 HKD
Headphones 20 HKD
Coffee 10 HKD
Coke (can) 20 HKD
Heineken (can) 30 HKD
Pot Noodles 30 HKD

Overall the flight was pretty boring, as these low cost airlines are on overnight flights. I regard these flights as flying buses, and as my main objective was a cheap flight back to Australia then this did the job.

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  1. PLEASE Give the link so that I can book a flight form MACAU directly to Sydney, Autralia.


  2. I hope that once in my life, I’ll be able to take a business or first class plane out of Sydney to somewhere. While I appreciate that all these budget airlines are making it possible for the little people to explore the rest of the world, sometimes you really just want to move around in luxury right?

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