Music, business and coffee culture in Seattle

Seattle has been on my go to list since before I started travelling internationally. Yet even after eight previous visits to the USA I had still not made it to the Pacific Northwest. So after attending TBEX in Vancouver, I finally got the chance to visit. It’s not that Seattle has any sites in particular […]

Coffee Journey: A tour to a remote coffee village in Thailand

Coffee Journey – A tour for those who love coffee I can’t remember the last time I went on a tour that went more than a day, so I find it remarkable that on my stay in Chiang Mai I was talked into going on a three day tour. Well I wasn’t really talked into […]

Happy birthday dear Melbourne…

…Happy birthday to you. The 30th of August is Melbourne Day, and today Melbourne was 175 years old. Although Melbourne Day is an official day, it’s not an official holiday, so it’s not celebrated with gusto. Most people don’t know about it. If you were to pick a true Melbourne Day it would probably be […]

Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

The Black sea Coast of Bulgaria has been a budget holiday favourite for decades. First with the countries behind the Iron Curtain, and now with the countries from the cold north. Along this stretch of coast is a good cross section of Europe with styling urban cities, cheapo package holiday resorts, old fishing villages and […]

A review of my first Couchsurfing experience

While planning my trip to the United States I discovered that hostels aren’t available in every big city, so finding budget accommodation was proving to be difficult. I had previously signed up to but I had not used it, so it seemed like a perfect time to try it out. Finding A Couch To […]

5 Amsterdam coffee shops that aren’t “coffeeshops”

Amsterdam is world famous for its coffee shops, but as a non-smoker I have no interest in these “coffee shops”. [Cannabis coffeeshop displaying Coffeeshop license] The Netherlands doesn’t rate high in the coffee-making stakes in Europe. The typical coffee of the Netherlands is filter coffee. Coffee shops that aren’t coffee shops in a land of […]

South Australia – Where iced coffee outsells Coca-Cola

I got the chance to drive from Melbourne to Adelaide for a tourism promotion. I had never been to South Australia, and it seems that it’s not on the radar of most domestic and international visitors either. The coastal drive from the Victorian border to Adelaide along the Limestone coast is worth the road trip […]