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    Whatya doing venturing into our ‘hood? :) While it is gaining even more backpacker notoriety which typically makes me move on, I love our hotel there and found that the excessive hawking from a couple years ago has toned down for some reason. Nice shot of life in Bui Vien.

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      Actually you may have noticed over the last few years that the local cool kids are making there way to Bui Vien, much like locals going to Khao San Rd in Bangkok.

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    Awesome blog, I’m currently in the process of thinking of moving over to S.E Asia, I traveled there for 6 months a year or so back and loved it.

    This blog is helping me massively in the ‘go do it’ part of my mind so thank you :) Now to overcome the ‘don’t do it’ part of my mind :)


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