Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Travel Guides > United Arab Emirates > Abu Dhabi Travel Guide Accommodation Abu Dhabi hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Abu Dhabi with lowest rates guaranteed. Top 10 Recommended Hotels Budget Hotels   Royal Suite Hotel Apartments  Royal Suite Hotel Apartments is located in the city centre and provides accessibility to important town […]

Dubai Travel Guide

Travel Guides > UAE > Dubai Travel Guide Accommodation Dubai hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Dubai with lowest rates guaranteed. Travel Guides Dubai Tourism – Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing. Dolce Dubai – Ezine, business directory, local information for Dubai. Dubai.com – City info, entertainment, news, maps, and travel booking […]

Getting airport envy wandering around Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport

If you are tired of your tired and worn out local airport in the US/UK then don’t come to Dubai, as you may get angry at your local airport authority for running such a crap airport. Dubai Airport (DXB) was recently named the best airport in the Middle East according to Skytrax. The airport is […]

A guide to budget accommodation in Dubai


There’s not much in the way of budget accommodation in Dubai. Cheap guest house style accommodation that is common in Asian destinations does not fit in with Dubai’s grandmaster plan of being a luxury holiday and shopping stop-over hub. Hostels There is one hostel in Dubai, the UAE YHA, though it’s not in the most […]

Beach Camels, Dubai – UAE

Beach Camels

Camels rides along Jumeirah Beach, Dubai – UAE. Travel Photos: Dubai photo gallery

Air conditioned bus stops – Dubai

Air Conditioned Bus Stop

It sounds crazy, but then this is Dubai. The Dubai bus shelter project is billed as the first ever air conditioned bus shelters in the world on such a large scale. There will be 500 of these built eventually. [Dubai Air Conditioned Bus Stop] [Dubai Air Conditioned Bus Stop Seats]

The New Dubai – Projects completed or under construction (as at Sept 2007)

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Here is a list of notable projects that are completed or currently under construction in Dubai. It is not an exhaustive list but it gives you a general idea of the scope of construction going on at the moment. Most of these projects contain the words “world’s” and “largest”. Dubai Marina This area is known […]

Dubai – old and new

Dubai Construction

The old part of Dubai is centred around Dubai Creek, an inlet of water from the Gulf which served as Dubai’s original port, and still handles small cargo vessels today. Old Dubai consists of Deira on the north side of the creek and Bur-Dubai to the south. [Traditional Abra (boat) on Dubai Creek, Dubai – […]

Arrow to Mecca in hotel rooms

Mecca Arrow

My hotel room in Dubai has a black arrow on the ceiling pointing in the direction to Mecca, a common feature of hotels in Islamic countries. [Black arrow on the hotel ceiling indicating the direction to Mecca.]

Free Range Chickens, Dubai – UAE

Chickens in Dubai

Chickens roaming freely around the Iranian Mosque in Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Travel Photos: Dubai photo gallery