Where I Stayed: Tune Hotels – Kuala Lumpur (the low-cost airline of budget hotels)

Tune Hotels

Tune Hotels.com is a budget hotel chain from Malaysia. This hotel group is connected to AirAsia, so it has a similar pay for what you use pricing system like a low cost airline. It is similar to easyHotel, which is related to easyJet. [Tune Hotel - Kuala Lumpur] Just like a low cost airline, the […]

Plane spotters Paradise: A hotel room with an airport view

Airport View

I’ve been staying at a business class hotel in Yogyakarta while in Yogyakarta. I like Indonesian guesthouses but it has been good to have access to free wi-fi from my room. And a pool. In fact the hotel is so fancy that the elevators have daily carpet changes indicating what day it is. [If it's […]