My travel gear list for 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done a packing list (my last one was in 2014). I was planning to do another one until I realised my 2017 list is remarkably similar to 2014. Not much has changed in my bags, or the bags themselves. Hell, I might even have the very same underwear in […]

Libertad Apparel – the travel shirt that doesn’t look like a travel shirt

I’m always on the lookout for shirts that look good and are practical for travel. The problem I have with most travel clothes is that they usually look like travel clothes. The checklist of travel-shirt cliches include: – variation of green/beige/khaki (army/explorer colours) – ugly fabric – zips and multiple panels – a big logo […]

Travel Gear Review: Icebreaker Tshirt

In the digital nomad and long term travel community one t-shirt that has become a popular packing item is the Icebreaker Tshirt. Icebreaker is a brand from New Zealand that uses pure merino wool. Yes, even the t-shirts are made from wool. Most people associate wool with clothes for warmth, but wool is an effective […]

Competition: Icebreaker T-shirt design challenge

Here is a competition for our antipodean (Aussie and Kiwi) friends, so if that is not you then check back later for other competitions. Icebreaker is offering two winners $1,500 in icebreaker credit. To go in the draw you need to create a design and submit it at the Icebreaker T-shirt design challenge. [Some design […]