Bira Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Indonesia > Bira Travel Guide [Bira – Sulawesi.] Bira is a beach town at the far south of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It’s popular for its beautiful beaches and great diving spots. Given its isolated location it is not an over-developed beach spot, which for some people this is part of its charm. […]

Guesthouse Review: Riswan Guest House, Bira – Indonesia

Hotel Name: Riswan Guest House Address: Bira Bontobahari, Bira, Sulawesi, Indonesia I stayed at the Riswan Guest House in Bira Beach, Sulawesi. I walked in off the street and was offered 120,000 IDR per night ($8.30 USD). There are lots of family-run guesthouses along the one stretch of road so I went to a few […]