Guesthouse Review: Riswan Guest House, Bira – Indonesia

Hotel Name: Riswan Guest House
Address: Bira Bontobahari, Bira, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Guesthouse Review: Riswan Guest House, Bira - Indonesia

I stayed at the Riswan Guest House in Bira Beach, Sulawesi. I walked in off the street and was offered 120,000 IDR per night ($8.30 USD). There are lots of family-run guesthouses along the one stretch of road so I went to a few places before I settled here. Prices at all the places I looked were negotiable.

I got a private room with attached bathroom. This was a fan room (no air-con) but it wasn’t uncomfortably hot without A/C.


The bathroom was a typical Indonesian guesthouse style with a bucket and scoop for toilet flushing and bathing. Also typical is no sink or place to hang towels and toiletries bags.


A simple breakfast of tea/coffee and freshly-made donuts is provided on the balcony of your room.


Wifi is available here which is the main reason I stayed here (most places I checked didn’t have it). The wifi was slow and on the second night of my stay it stopped working all together. If you are travelling around Indonesia I would recommend getting a sim card for mobile internet. I didn’t on this trip but I usually do for visits to Indonesia, and it would have been handy for places like Bira where the internet service is not great.

To stay here just look for for the sign on the road or ask your driver to drop you off. If you want to stay an any of the cheap guesthouses it is best to walk around and negotiate a price over booking in advance.

If you would like to stay somewhere a little fancier check out more Hotels in Bira online.

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