Sirima Guesthouse – the last of the old pier guesthouses in Hua Hin, Thailand

Guesthouse Review: Sirima Guesthouse, Hua Hin - Thailand

Hotel Name: Sirima Guesthouse
Address: 31/3, Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin, Thailand

I first visited Hua Hun on a one month trip around Thailand in 2008. Back then I was relying on the weighty goodness of the Lonely Planet Thailand. I don’t recall making any online bookings for accommodation in advance, as I was just turning up to guesthouses listed in The Book. What I liked about guide book recommendations (and still do) was the little guesthouses that aren’t listed on booking sites. In Hua Hin they listed a cluster of guesthouses built on piers, and I recall staying at the Bird Guesthouse.

I returned to Hua Hin in 2017 as I desired a beach break from Bangkok. I couldn’t find these guesthouses on the main booking sites, so I booked a hotel in advance. Once I was in Hua Hin I walked around until I found the guesthouses, and I was happy to see they are still standing.

Pier guesthouses

Bird Guesthouse was still there, but this time thought I should try another one so I went to Sirima.


Upon arrival at the reception I was greeted by five little dogs sitting around at reception. They were so placid that for a second I thought they were statues.

Sirima dogs

I booked a single fan room with a private bathroom for 450 THB ($13.55 USD).

Room on the pier

At the start of the pier there are rooms on either side, with bike parking in the middle.

Sirima boardwalk

My room was at the end of the pier, which has rooms on one side and an open space on the other.

Sirima Guesthouse Pier

It was a small room, with enough space for a double bed and access to the bathroom. The bed faces the windows that look out to the sea, though you are also in the view of people walking by.

Fan room

The bathroom was a small, clean and tidy space. This is a classic old guesthouse with cold water shower only.


At the back half of the pier are some tables and chairs where you can enjoy a 20 baht 3-in-1 instant coffee from the reception and contemplate the fishing boats in front of the Chinese temple.

Temple view

When I came back to Hua Hin I really didn’t expect these piers to still be here. Being at such a prime location around the corner from the Hilton, I was surprised to see the old streets still surviving. That may sound pessimistic, but it turned out to be not an unfounded thought. On the street the piers are on are some ominous signs of a future redevelopment. The remaining streets of fishing village Hua Hin may soon by gone, so I was glad to be able to stay here again.

Save our seaside street

There are lots of cheap places to stay in Hua Hin, and I stayed at a hotel that was cheaper, with a room twice the size. What I wanted though was the experience of staying on the pier and listening to the water lapping underneath the old wooden floorboards. Being able to walk to the beach which is around the corner from the Chinese temple as also a bonus. And to experience a bit of old Thailand before it is gone forever.

As I mentioned you can’t book online. You can visit the Sirima Guesthouse website, or just go old-school and show up in the morning and hope for the best. There are lots of guesthouses in the area to fall back on if there are no rooms available.

If not having something booked in advance gives you sweaty palms them you can search for hotels in Hua Hin here.

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