Flight Review: Bangkok Airways – Samui to Singapore

Flight Review: Bangkok Airways - Samui to Singapore

Flight: Bangkok Airways PG 961 Date: 24 Feb 2008
From: Samui (USM), Thailand To: Singapore (SIN)

Bangkok Airways is a Thai airline based at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. The airline operates flights in Thailand as well as to destinations in Cambodia, China, Japan, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam.

Bangkok Airways is not a low cost airline as they serve food, but they are not quite a full service airline as there is no inflight entertainment. They call themselves a boutique airline, which is probably a good way to split the difference.

A defining difference of Bangkok Airways from other airlines is that every passenger gets access to their airport lounges. It’s a great way to start a flight by relaxing in a lounge. At Samui the airport resembles a resort, which is fitting for a tropical holiday island. The airport is owned by Bangkok Airways, which is why there are not many flights from other airlines to Samui.

Samui Airport Lounge
[Samui Airport Lounge.]

My flight was from Koh Samui to Singapore, and the flight took just under two hours.

Bangkok Airways at Koh Samui
[Bangkok Airways at Samui Airport.]

Seating is assigned and Bangkok Airways serve meals on all flights.

Bangkok Airways Inflight Meal
[Bangkok Airways Inflight Meal]

Overall this was a great flight, and I would fly with them again given the chance.

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