Flight Review: VietJet Air – Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong

Flight Review: VietJet Air - Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong

Flight: VietJet Air VJ 876
From: Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) To: Hong Kong (HKG)

I flew with VietJet Air from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong. I compared flights with Skyscanner, and Vietjet was the cheapest option.


My total ticket price with a checked bag came to 1,259,000 VND, which is about $55 USD. That is a great price for a flight that is scheduled for 2H, 40M.

SGN-HKG booking

Being based in Vietnam I’ve become a regular flyer of Vietjet. I last flew them from Hanoi to Seoul, and earlier this year I took the return leg of this flight.

At the time of my flight there wasn’t online checking in available, so I checked in at the airport. I didn’t buy a seat selection, but it’s no problem if you ask for a window or aisle when you check in.

Check-in at SGN

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) long ago ran out of room, so the chances are if you are flying a low cost airline you are getting the bus to the aircraft.

Gate 22

Ahh the joy of tarmac boarding.

Tarmac boarding

At least it stopped raining when we boarded.

VietJet Air at SGN

It was my lucky day as I scored a whole row to myself.

Empty row

one2fly – the inflight magazine of Vietjet Air. It’s mostly in Vietnamese, with a few translated articles at the back. I mainly go through it to see the ads of property developments and weird herbal remedies.


I also read the magazines for the route map to get future inspiration, though Vietjet have this visually unstimulating list of destinations.

Route list

There was an announcement of a new service from Ho Chi Minh City to Jakarta, so that will give me better options to visit Indonesia in the future.

New Jakarta route

One thing that Vietjet became (in)famous for was having bikini-clad models onboard. They were contestants of a beauty contest onboard the inaugural flight from Saigon to Nha Trang. From there it became a thing where people thought that Vietjet air stewards are wearing bikinis.

I’ve had a few guys do the old nudge-nudge wink-wink when I say I’m flying Vietjet, as if it is going to be a bikini-fest. I couldn’t think of anything more awkward to be on a plane with a bunch of Vietnamese dudes ogling women.

Anyway, I mention that as this advert caught my attention. Perhaps to cash in on their notoriety for being “the bikini airline”, Vietjet are sponsoring Miss Universe Vietnam 2017.

VietJet Air sponsor for Miss Universe Vietnam 2017

As Vitjet is a low cost airline, meals and drinks are extra. You can order online before you fly for a discounted rate, or buy form the trolly.


A hot meal is 100,000 VND on international flights.

Hot meals

A got a 3-in-1 coffee, which is 40,000 VND ($1.75 USD).

Coffee 40000 VND

This flight departs at 15:35 and arrives in Hong Kong at 19:15. I got into Hong Kong and had time for a late dinner.

Overall this was a good flight to travel to Hong Kong on the cheap.

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