Transjakarta – The express bus system of Jakarta

Jakarta has a population of approximately 9 million people and no metro system. It’s a city that sprawls in every direction and its traffic congestion is legendary.

The city has come up with a workable bus system that has at least made travel in some parts of Jakarta much faster.

Transjakarta Bus
[Transjakarta Bus]

Transjakarta is a network of express bus services that use designated lanes on key roads. The bus lanes are separated from the rest of the traffic on the major roads and special bus shelters collect the bus fare in advance.

Transjakarta Bus Lane
[Transjakarta Bus Lane]

The buses have modified wide doors which are at the same height as the terminal gate. A conductor is on each bus who controls the amount of people who get on, so it doesn’t become a great crush of passengers.

Transjakarta Bus Station
[Transjakarta Bus Station]

The buses run regular services, so the wait is not usually too long.

While an express bus service is no substitute for an extensive metro system, TransJakarta works surprisingly well. The government have talked of building a metro system, but if or when that ever happens, this is a good solution to the traffic jams of Jakarta.

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