Flight Review: Thai Airways – Bangkok to Hong Kong

Flight: Thai Airways TG 602
From: Bangkok (BKK) To: Hong Kong (HKG)

Thai Airways - Bangkok to Hong Kong

I flew with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Hong Kong, booking via airfare comparison site Vayama.

This flight was one of three flights I took to get from Bangkok to Windhoek in Namibia. The flight was provided by the Namibian Tourism Board, though I was able to book the flight myself to suit my travel schedule and preferred airline alliance.

I have flown with Thai Airways a few times before so I was happy enough to fly with them again. I have a United Mileage account as well, so I was able to earn points on this flight.

The flight to Hong Kong is just over two hours flying in an A330.


You wouldn’t think that a mix of purple, pink, and orange seats would work but in the case of Thai it looks good. Perhaps it is an association thing. My first trip to Southeast Asia was from Melbourne to Phnom Penh with Thai Airways. Seeing these seats perhaps reminds me of that first trip that changed my life. I like the 2-4-2 seat configuration and I always get one of the seats in the “2”.

A330 seating

The march edition of Sawasdee Magazine.

Thai Airways inflight magazine - March 2015

There is personal seat inflight entertainment available on this flight, about at just over two hours there is not enough flying time to finish a movie.

Inflight entertainment

Dinner was served, featuring a chicken curry and rice, salad, and a coffee mousse dessert.

Inflight meal

The flight arrived on time, which left me just under two hours to connect to my flight to Johannesburg.

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