Phnom Penh Cafes

Phnom Penh has a special place in my heart as it was the first city in Southeast Asia I visited, back in 2005. I remember paying $2USD for a motorbike taxi from the airport, which may have been a dollar more than I was supposed to pay (I’m sure some wiseass backpacker pointed that out […]

Cafes in Hanoi for writers and digital nomads

Following up on my guide to cafes in Ho Chi Minh City I now present my guide to cafes in Hanoi. In my previous cafe reports I have usually had at least a month to try out the cafes of each city. My trip to Hanoi was for one week, so this meant I had […]

The best cafes in Saigon

Vietnam is one of the world’s biggest coffee exporters, and socialising in cafes is a way of life here. The cafe scene in Saigon is one of the best in Asia, and cafe hopping is an activity in itself. There are hundreds of cafes across the city, from street vendors with little plastic seats on […]