Flight Review: ANA – Tokyo Haneda to Sydney

Flight Review: ANA - Tokyo Haneda to Sydney

Flight: All Nippon Airways NH 879
From: Tokyo Haneda (HND) To: Sydney (SYD)

I flew with ANA from Tokyo to Sydney. My flight was arranged by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau who provided the flight for my trip.

This was the return leg of my flight from Sydney to Tokyo.

Like my SYD-HND flight, I left my seat selection too late and was allocated a middle seat. My guess is you can allocate seats when you buy the ticket. As I didn’t buy the ticket I didn’t think to allocate a seat before my flight.

Seat selection

The flight departs at 22:10 and arrives at 9:30 in Sydney. I’m not a fan over overnight flights, but on the positive side I got a whole day in Tokyo without worrying about rushing to the airport.

I got to the airport before the 3-hour check in time as you can check in throughout the day at Tokyo. This is a great benefit when you are flying from the ANA hub. The ANA check in counter is open throughout the day, and I just walked up without any queue in front of me.

The flight was full and all the seats were allocated, yet they managed to find a bulkhead middle seat. This is the most acceptable middle seat for me, as I can get up and down without disturbing the person next to me.

NH 879

The seats in economy are arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration and I find these slim seats to be comfortable.


On the bulkhead seats the entertainment units are lifted out from the arm rest.

 SYD map

Dinner was served not long after take off, and I got the chicken option.

Chicken dinner

The October 2017 edition of Wingspan magazine.

Wingspan - Oct 2017

My flight was on the first of October, which means that there is an update inflight magazine and movie service. It was fortunate that my first flight was in September, so now I have a new batch of movies to pick from.

ANA Sky Channel

There is onboard wifi available, though I prefer to stay offline on flights. I enjoy the enforced offline time.

ANA wifi

Water is provided on the flight, with a flight attendant coming through regularly with water and juice. Always keep hydrated on a flight.


If you are flying a long haul flight you can always ask for a snack if dinner didn’t fill you up. Some airlines (such as ANA) have snacks available in the gallery that you can come and get yourself.


Unlike the SYD-HND flight there is a breakfast service offered on this leg. The breakfast consisted of a box of sandwiches, a yogurt, and a Kit-Kat.

Breakfast sandwiches

The flight is scheduled to arrive in Sydney at 9.30am.

ANA at Sydney

ANA are part of Star Alliance, so you can earn points with ANA Mileage Club or with a partner alirline (such as United, which I use for Star Alliance points collecting).

Overall this was a great flight option from Tokyo to Sydney.

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