Guesthouse Review: Wisma Irama Guesthouse, Rantepao – Indonesia

Hotel Name: Wisma Irama
Address: Jl Abdul Gani 16, Rantepao, Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Guesthouse Review: Wisma Irama Guesthouse, Rantepao - Indonesia

I stayed at the Wisma Irama Guesthouse in Rantepao, Indonesia. Rantepao is the biggest town in the Tana Toraja region of South Sulawesi. If you are visiting Tana Toraja this is where most of the accommodation options are.

I was so busy leading up to arriving at Rantepao that I did no research on where to stay. When I arrived around 6pm I just let a taxi driver take me to a cheap guesthouse. That’s not something I usually do but I made an exception to this usually enforced travel rule.

I was taken to the Wisma Irama and I had a look before accepting. The bathroom looked badly out of shape but I took it anyway because I was couldn’t be bothered looking after nine hours of bus travel. The rate for a room was 150,000 IDR ($10.40USD).

Rooms at Wisma Irama

The bedroom was a tired and run down, but the bed was comfortable enough. Being an old room there was only one power outlet (I travel with a powerstrip for occasions like this). I’ve stayed in shabbier rooms.


The bathroom was the deal-breaker. I’m familiar enough with Indonesian budget accommodation that have a water tank in the bathroom which is used to flush the toilet and bathe. The problem was the rusted-out pipes. The rust-stains on the wall were a giveaway, and when I turned on the basin tap the water ran red-orange with rust.

The shower water was clear but you could feel the rust as the water hit your body.


Breakfast comprised of a typical guesthouse-style serving of white toast and an egg, plus a pot of coffee and a fresh juice of mixed fruits.


There is wifi on the premises but I wasn’t able to pick it up in my room, so I sat outside or by the reception to get a connection.

I ended up moving to another guesthouse after that bathroom experience.

If you want to stay in a guesthouse in Rantepao it is best to just look around when you arrive. If you would prefer something a little more luxurious (like a place with hot water, for example) book a hotel in Rantepao before you arrive.

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