Tips for finding cheap flights on Kayak

Kayak flights is one of the largest and oldest flight booking sights on the web, and is one of my preferred booking sites. Kayak is not a travel agent, rather it’s a travel metasearch engine and fare aggregator. When you search for a flight it lists a combination of other flight search sites, travel agents, […]

Finding the best flights using multi-city flight search

When I travel to Europe I usually visit a few destinations, so prefer to fly into one city and out of another. In this situation I will search for multi-city flights rather than the return flight option. As an example I will use a recent trip flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Europe, arriving […]

Airfare Resources – a guide to the best flight booking sites

Having booked hundreds of flights for myself I can say from experience that there is no one best site to find the cheapest airfares. There are so many variables in airfare pricing that there’s always going to be price discrepancies between the flight search engines. When booking a flight it’s best to know what tools […]

Subscribe to the AirAsia newsletter for cheap flights in Asia

If you travel in Asia, or plan to, then may I suggest subscribing to the Airasia Newsletter. AirAsia are the largest low cost airline in Asia and they often have some amazing sales. An example of an AirAsia promotional email. Since I have been subscribed to the newsletter I have picked up some ridiculous bargains, […]

Save money on flights using alternative airports in Europe

Before my first trip to Europe I wouldn’t have been able to tell you where Karlsruhe, Katowice or Klagenfurt was on the map. Since then I not only know where they are, I have used their airports and have saved hundreds of Euros in the process. [Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Closest isn’t always cheapest] My […]