Crazy Jump Macau Tower: Bungy jumpers in costume at the highest commercial skyjump in the world

Macau Tower Crazy Jump (an AJ Hackett event)

Sometimes the word crazy is overused, but in the case of the Macau Tower Crazy Jump the use of crazy is warranted.

The Macau Tower is 338 metres high and was completed in 2001. Bungee jumping from the tower began in 2006. The jump is 233 metres, making it the highest commercial skyjump in the world.

In addition to the bungee jumping which is open to the general public, there is also the annual Macau Tower Crazy Jump (an AJ Hackett event), where participants dress up in themed costumes and take the plunge.

On December 4th, 2017 was the 7th annual event. This year it was sponsored by AirAsia, who invited myself and other regional media representatives to attend.

James at Macau Tower Crazy Jump 2017

The jump contestants were selected selected by an online competition, so bookmark the site if you want to try your luck next year.

The day began with AirAsia staff performing a dance routine on the SkyWalk, and I must say they were pretty good. Not your average day at the office to be dancing on top of the Macau Tower.

AirAsia dancers

The event was attended by AJ Hackett himself – The Godfather of the bungy jumping world. I met him during the event and he is a cool guy living a good life. He travels around the world and jumps from all the towers that his namesake company operates (he was the first jumper from the tower in 2006).

A J Hackett

As the event was in partnership with AirAsia, the costume theme was AirAsia destinations. It was fun to meet all these ASEANites dressing up in various costumes. Some jumpers dressed in their own regional attire, while others dressed in homage to their favourite destination.

Crazy jumpers

AirAsia also fly to Australia and New Zealand, so it was good to see an Aussie couple representing. Someone should have got the word out to Kiwis though, as there was no New Zealand representation.

Aussie jumpers

And the competition wasn’t limited to citizens of Asia-Pacific. The winner of the best costume was a Mexican man living in Shenzhen, dressed as a Japanese Sumo wrestler.

Sumo jumper

Costumes were mostly regional dress uniforms, though there were a few animals of Asia represented as well.

Tiger jumper

Jumpers from the Philippines were well represented.

Miss Philippines

It seemed that Japan was the most popular destination of the event. chinvicky95 from Malaysia dressed up as a piece of sushi, and her video here will give you an idea of the scale of the jump.

The winner of the best jump was also the Sumo man who won best costume.

Even if you’re not jumping (that’s me!) the view from the tower is spectacular.

View from the tower

[I travelled to Macau as a guest of AirAsia, who fly to Macau from destinations around Asia.]

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  1. Looks like a fun time. I’ll look to be the token kiwi next year haha.

    Even though you didn’t jump did you dress up? 😛

  2. Looks like one heck of an adventurous jump. Amazing!

  3. Wow! this is so much fun. Would love to try it out.

  4. So scary! I have so much admiration yet can’t even look at the photos without getting chills down my spine!

  5. Insane! Looks fun though!

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