In Pictures: Calatrava’s Liège-Guillemins train station

In Pictures: Calatrava's Liège-Guillemins train station

Before I even knew anything about the station one name sprang to mind – Calatrava. Actually it might have been one name and a few words that came to mind…OMG, Liege has a Calatrava!

Liège-Guillemins station
[Liège-Guillemins station]

Santiago Calatrava is a Spanish architect who has become something of a superstar in the architect world. He has a very distinct style of using arching white rib-like beams and columns. While each of his projects are different, his signature style makes any building he has designed as identifiable as “a Calatrava.” His latest project is the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York City, so yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

Liège-Guillemins station platform escalators
[Platform escalators]

As I was travelling around Europe with a Eurail pass and I happened to be in Belgium, so I made a detour out to Liege to revisit the station. It was a rainy day and I have visited Liege before so I had no problem spending my time there just wandering the station. I had an hour to spare before the next train back to Brussels, giving me enough time to admire this monumental structure.

IC train at Liège-Guillemins station
[InterCity Train at Liège-Guillemins station]

Liège-Guillemins from the platform
[Liège-Guillemins looking up]

Thalys departing Liège-Guillemins station
[Thalys fast train leaving the station]

Platform clock - Liège-Guillemins station
[Platform clock]

Liège-Guillemins station roof
[Station roof]

Liège-Guillemins station underpass
[Stylish platform underpass]

Calatrava ground plaque at Liège-Guillemins station
[A monument marking the work of Calatrava on a ground plaque outside the station]

Liège-Guillemins tilt-shift
[Liège-Guillemins toy town train station (tilt-shift effect)]

I must have been to over one hundred European train stations in my life time. While most of my favourite stations are of the classic grand station variety, I would put Liège-Guillemins in my top train stations of Europe list.

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  1. Calatrava is one of my favorite all time architects. I’m kind of his harmless stalker – made trips to Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, Rioja’s Ysios Bodegas, and Venice to see the Constitution Bridge (probably his only work that I don’t absolutely love.)

    Great photos! I’ll have to make my way to Leige now!

  2. Heading to Belgium soon and will put this station on my list of places to visit.

  3. Kim, there is a Calatrava coming to Denver! A hotel, train station and two bridges are under construction at Denver International Airport. You’ll have to go and take pictures for me.

    • Ooo, thanks for letting me know! I just checked out some of the designs and though they were altered, they still look like they’ll be quite impressive. Too bad they couldn’t just keep the original plans.

  4. I went to Valencia just because I wanted to see the City of Arts and Sciences. It was worth it and I also found a great city. He designed a Train/Bus/Subway station in Lisbon that was really cool too. One of my favorite archtects.

  5. Please edit your document to read Liege instead of Leige, I really like your description and pictures

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