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James Clark @ Nomadic Notes

Hi, I’m James. Welcome to Nomadic Notes

Nomadic Notes is a travel blog featuring destination guides, travel tips, and thoughts on places I have visited around the world.

Work and travel anywhere

I've been a location independent wanderer for 11+ years and I have compiled a list of digital nomad resources to show how it can be done. I also have a guide to long term travel.

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Namibia Flags

New Country Day: Namibia

Country: Namibia Date: 21 March, 2015 Visiting anywhere in Africa in 2015 wasn’t even on my radar a month ago, and now here I am in Namibia. I was invited here by the Namibian Tourism Board at short notice, who asked if I wanted to visit the filming locations of Mad Max 4 (Mad Max: […]

Singapore Immigration

My best ever airport immigration experience

There are so many stories online of horror airport immigration experiences that you could start a Tumblr and never run out material ( is free if you want to be the person to start that Tumblr). In my years of international travel I’ve had some memorably bad border control experiences (some of which were my […]

Galle Face Green

New Country Day: Sri Lanka

Country: Sri Lanka Date: 12 February, 2015 [Galle Face Green – Colombo] New Country Day is a tag I use to record my first day in a new country. It is one part to record which countries I’ve been to, and one part to record that feeling of being in a country for the first […]

My Tho - Vietnam

A tale of two My Tho’s: The tour and independent version of the Mekong

After spending so much time in Saigon I figured it was time to see more of the country before going on my next trip. I’ve been to the Mekong Delta before but there is so much to see, so I made a plan to travel through the Delta by bus, get the ferry to Phu […]

Saigon Sunset

Notes on Ho Chi Minh City – things I love about life in Saigon

[Saigon River] I’ve been coming to and from Saigon for over two years now. It has become so familiar to me that I haven’t thought to do a big write up. I did a cost of living summary for my first full month here, and I also maintain a cafe list, so now it’s time […]

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West and Beyond

Get $25 Airbnb credit!

Airbnb $25 Credit Airbnb is a great option for longer stays. I found an apartment in Bangkok for $18 a night.