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James Clark @ Nomadic Notes

Hi, I’m James. Welcome to Nomadic Notes

Nomadic Notes is a travel blog featuring destination guides, travel tips, and thoughts on places I have visited around the world.

Work and travel anywhere

I've been a location independent wanderer for 11+ years and I have compiled a list of digital nomad resources to show how it can be done. I also have a guide to long term travel.

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Old and new Saigon

The changing face of Saigon

[Old and new Saigon: Bitexco Financial Tower and a French colonial-era building.] I’ve been basing myself in Saigon off-and-on for the past two years, and my first visit here was in 2005. In this time I’ve been watching the city transform as it catches up from decades of underinvestment. It’s an interesting time to be […]

Aussie-style cafes in Paris

Aussie-style cafes in Paris

For a country that has a reputation for its cafes I was surprised at how average coffee in France was when I first arrived. Sure, the cafes are great for people watching, with rows of chairs lined up in theatre-style so you can watch the world go by. As far as the actual coffee goes […]

St Martins Canal

A day in Paris is better than no day in Paris

Passing through the grim outer suburbs of Paris on the train from CDG Airport I wondered if I made a mistake coming back for just one day. Was Paris as wonderful as I remembered it to be, or was it a trick of the mind that tends to romanticise places long after you have been? […]

The Rambla

Notes on Montevideo

The second leg of my South American trip was to Montevideo, Uruguay. As part of this trip I was flown as a guest with Air France/KLM to a destination in their South American network. I opted to visit Buenos Aires. Being so close to an international border though I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit […]

Buenos Aires

Notes on Buenos Aires

I love wandering around big cities and one city I’ve always wanted to visit for urban exploration was Buenos Aires. I ended up spending 11 days in BA, and I could have easily spent more time given the chance. I can see how many travellers I’ve met have ended up staying for way longer than […]

E-reader For Travel

Get $25 Airbnb credit!

Airbnb $25 Credit Airbnb is a great option for longer stays. I found an apartment in Bangkok for $18 a night.