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I'm a long term traveller from Melbourne and I've been running an online media business (while I travel) since 2003. Nomadic Notes is my travel blog featuring photos and notes from my wanders.

Work and Travel Anywhere
I've been working location independent for over 11 years and I have compiled a list of digital nomad resources to show how it can be done. I also have a long term travel page if you prefer to wander without working.

Travel Planner
I've always loved travel planning, which is how I got into publishing travel websites. I've bookmarked the top travel sites for popular destinations which can be found in the in the travel guides.
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East Timor Government Building

Notes on Dili, East Timor

A little big city Dili is the smallest capital city in Southeast Asia, and also the newest, having gained independence from Indonesia in 2002. While Dili is going to feel sedate after being in the other capital cities of the region, travel is a relative experience so your impression will depend on where you’re arriving […]

M2C Cafe

Nomadic News: July 20, 2014

Greetings from Saigon! Here is this weeks edition of Nomadic News. Work And Travel How to travel the world for life (and work while you travel) – Benny Lewis has just celebrated his 11 year travel anniversary, and to celebrate he is telling you how to do it too. How we make money travel blogging […]

Sunset Kupang

Sunset over Kupang, West Timor – Indonesia

I spent a few days in Kupang while waiting for my visa to East Timor. There is not much to do here in the day but walking along the waterfront in the evening at least offers spectacular sunsets. Travel Photos: Kupang photo gallery

Labuan Bajo Sunset

How to travel Flores (Indonesia) in 1 week

[The coast of Flores. And the answer to why bus travel takes so long.] I’m wrapping up my Flores posts to highlight how to travel Flores in the space of a week. Originally I had intended to spend 2 weeks there, but my trip was cut short when I realised I needed extra time to […]

Loft Cafe

Nomadic News: July 6 2014

Greetings from Saigon for another edition of Nomadic News! Location Independence and Entrepreneurship Meet the new digital nomads – Lonely Planet interviews some digital nomads (including yours truly) who have brought their jobs to a new location. Where Do the Smartest People Move? – A new report finds that higher intelligence is linked with rural-to-city […]

E-reader For Travel

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