Hotel Review: Lan Phuong Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Hotel Review: Lan Phuong Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Hotel Name: Lan Phuong Hotel
Address: 47 Nguyen Trai street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I stayed at the Lan Phuong Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. I booked online via Agoda, and I booked it for its location as I was apartment hunting nearby. It’s centrally located without being in the tourist streets of Pham Ngu Lau and Ben Thanh.

Lan Phuong Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

I arrived early in the morning but I was lucky enough to have a room available so they let me check in. The reception didn’t speak English so I had to wait for another person to help out.

I booked a room without a window. I don’t usually book windowless rooms but I have found them to be good for jetlag recovery. In my case I was recovering from an overnight flight from London.

Bed at Lan Phuong Hotel

As is often the case with windowless rooms, my room had a weird smell to it. Not sure if it was just the accumulated smell of a lifetime of not getting any fresh air or something else. Other than that the room ok and I ended up sleeping for 14 hours! I woke up at 11am not knowing if it was daylight yet so I was surprised to sleep in so long. Check was at 12 so I made it in time.

When I checked out they asked if I used the soap from the liquid soap dispenser in the shower. Um, yes of course I did. They wanted to charge me for that but the WTF look on my face must have put them off chasing the matter any further.

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  1. I am heading over to Hanoi this spring, but I will be staying at the Angel Palace Hotel. Hopefully, we won’t have any strange smells.

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