Guesthouse Review: Jungala House, Chiang Mai – Thailand

Guesthouse Name: Jungala House
Address: 26 Ratvithi Road Soi 2, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jungala House, Chiang Mai - Thailand

I stayed at the Jungala House guesthouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I walked in off the street and paid 250 baht ($7 USD) for double fan room. The guesthouse is located off Ratvithi Road near Moonmuang Rd, which is near Tha Pae Gate.

Jungala House is set on a large property with a courtyard, with the rooms facing the yard.


My room was large and the fan was sufficient during the rainy season. The room was tidy but it looked old and worn out compared to other guesthouses I’ve stayed at in the area.

Double Room

Same for the bathroom. Everything was in order but it was just showing its age.


There is a cafe at the hotel that offers breakfast, and the wifi was good in my room.

I didn’t see this on any booking site, but like most of the cheapo guesthouses in Chiang Mai it’s easy to walk around and find a room, especially in this area around Moonmuang Rd. Check out this guide for more details on which area to stay in Chiang Mai.

I you prefer to book something in advance or look for something a bit more fancy, search for more hotels in Chiang Mai.

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