IDrive: Online data backup for your laptop and mobile phone

IDrive online data backup

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Travel insurance for your data

Everyone knows the importance of taking out travel insurance when we travel, but what about insuring your data? Travel insurance policies have the option of insuring laptops and mobile phones, but even if you lose your laptop and get a replacement from your insurer, you will never get your data back.

I back up my laptop with a hard disk that travels with me, but I get lazy and go months without backing up. And if I happen to lose my laptop and my hard disk then my efforts to back up my data would amount to zero.

If you are travelling I recommend using an online data back up service. For my data backup I use IDrive, which enables me to back up my laptop and mobile phone. You can also backup from multiple devices up to the limit of your data plan.

Setting up IDrive

Backing up your data is a simple process. Once you have placed your order and opened your account you will be redirected to a welcome page. From here download IDrive to your computer.

Welcome to IDrive

Click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the program. Once it is installed you will be prompted to login, and from there you can start backing up immediately.

Select files for backup

The setup process is simple but the initial backup could take a while, depending on your internet speed and amount of data you have. In my case I had 27GB of data that said it would take 12 hours to upload. Once everything is updated your data will automatically sync according to the schedule you set.

If you are going travelling it would be best to do all of this before you go, or at least find a place with fast internet (deciding that you should backup your data in the jungles of Borneo is probably not the best time to do it).

Physically ship your data for free

If your internet is too slow, if you have data limits on your internet plan, or you just can’t be bothered to upload your data yourself, you can physically send the data to IDrive and they will upload it for you.

The IDrive Express service lets you backup or retrieve up to 3 TB of your data in less than a week via physical storage shipment, using a hard drive supplied by IDrive.

This service is free once a year for personal users within the USA. International users (Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the UK) are reimbursed for standard shipping costs from postal services.

Special offer for Nomadic Notes readers: 75% off ($14.88 for the first year)

As a special offer to Nomadic Notes readers, IDrive are offering 75% for the first year for 1TB of Cloud Backup + 1TB of Cloud Sync space. That works out to $14.88 for the first year. The regular price is $59.50, which is already one of the cheapest rates for online storage.

This promotion is available during June 2015 so sign up here.

Disclosure: I receive a commission for orders using the nomadicnotes discount code. I’m a user of IDrive and I personally recommend it.

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