Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport – staying at the best airport hotel in the world

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport - staying at the best airport hotel in the world

Hotel Name: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Address: 75 Airport Boulevard (Terminal 3), Changi, Singapore

Singapore Changi airport is continually voted as the best airport in the world, so it’s not surprising that it should also have the best airport hotel in the world.

I haven’t stayed in nearly enough airport hotels to make such a statement. This is according to the Skytrax World Airport Awards, which is the biggest airline and airport rating site in the world. The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has been awarded as the best airport hotel in the world for three years running.

I pass through Changi a couple of times a year, so I was invited by the hotel to stay during my next transit through Singapore to make an onsite review. Having previously slept in the airport terminal I was happy to take the upgrade.

The hotel is part of the Changi airport complex, and you can see the hotel from your plane window. Passing through Changi immigration is usually an easy affair, so you will be at the hotel not long after arriving.

Crowne Plaza view from plane

The hotel is located next to Terminal 3, and it’s clearly marked how to get there from every terminal. The entrance is right next to T3.

Crowne Plaza Changi - Terminal 3 entrance

The original building has a striking lattice facade that resembles frangipani petals. It has been designed to shade and reflect heat from the building.

Crowne Plaza Changi building design

The hotel has since expanded and there is now a second wing (Jewel Wing) which was designed using an innovative technique called Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). I would never have guessed that this was how it was built without having read about it. To see what I mean check out this time-lapse video of the construction method:

I stayed in one of the rooms in the Jewel Wing, which is connected by a walkway to the main building. Knowing how the building was constructed you can see how each room is one long container shape. The room is thoughtfully designed to provide enough space without feeling like you are tripping over things. The building is an architectural marvel to be built like this and look and feel like regular building.

Crowne Plaza Changi room

The desk was between the bed and bed stand, and the chair was one of the most comfortable hotel chairs I’ve sat in. I usually just lie on the bed and work, but here I enjoyed sitting on this chair. I didn’t realise at the time that this was a Herman Miller ergonomic swivel chair. Ok, now I get why everyone loves Herman Miller chairs.

Crowne Plaza Changi desk

An innovative idea by the hotel is this mobile phone Handy. You can take it out of your room and make phone calls to 11 countries. This is useful if you need to want to go out for food but need to get back online again after a flight.

Crowne Plaza Changi - Handy

This should be standard in every hotel, but I always like to point this out. The power outlets should be able to fit every all plugs, as well as USB outlets. It’s one less hassle when you arrive and forget your power adapter or don’t have enough adapters. The internet was also a simple login process with no time or device limits or auto logouts.

Crowne Plaza Changi - power outlets

Next to my bed was the spray bottle of “Sleep Advantage”, which is a herbal elixir spray that apparently helps with getting to sleep. After my flight I was in no doubt of my ability to sleep, so I didn’t test it out.

Crowne Plaza Changi - Sleep Advantage

Having stayed in hundreds of hotel rooms I often consider how a room is laid out in a limited space. For hotel rooms it is usually the case that the bedroom faces the window and bathroom is at the back. In this case my room had the bathroom at the front, allowing natural light for the whole room.

Crowne Plaza Changi bathroom

A nice selection of toiletries.


I have noticed that there is a mania for hotels to make bathrooms in glass boxes, which means anyone sharing your room can see you in the bathroom. If you’re sharing a bed with someone you may be ok with watching someone go to the toilet. That’s not for everyone though, so I like how here there is a privacy switch which blanks out the glass.

Crowne Plaza Changi bathroom privacy

From the toilet I could watch planes take off. The bathtub is by the window so you could have a bath while watching planes.

Crowne Plaza Changi - View from toilet

If you are really into watching planes then be sure to book a room that faces the airport. I had a look at one of the suites, and the from the big windows you can see directly onto the tarmac. I was here during a tropical downpour, but you get the general idea. These rooms are popular with planespotter parties, and with Changi being such a busy airport, you are never a few minutes without an aircraft movement.

Crowne Plaza Changi - airport view

No visit to a luxury hotel is complete without visiting the pool, and the pool here does not disappoint.

Crowne Plaza Changi - pool trees

The pool is set with a garden of trees, and from the water you can see the control tower and departing planes.

Crowne Plaza Changi - Pool control-tower view

On the same level of the pool is the club lounge, which is connected to the pool area.

Crowne Plaza Changi - club lounge pool view

I had breakfast at the hotel, which had a variety of western and Asian breakfast favourites.


A Fitness Club is also onsite, as well as a spa centre.

Crowne Plaza Changi - Fitness Club

Check out the official site here.

For those who are visiting Singapore for longer than a layover, read this guide on where to stay in Singapore.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport - staying at the best airport hotel in the world

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