Guesthouse Review: Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay, Ayutthaya – Thailand

Guesthouse Review: Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay, Ayutthaya - Thailand

Guesthouse Name: Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay
Address: 48 Moo.10 Tambon Kramang, Ayutthaya Riverside, Ayutthaya, Thailand

I stayed at Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay in Ayutthaya, Thailand. I booked it for its proximity to the train station and its price. The room was 570.79 THB ($18.24 USD) for one night.

Riverside Lane

The train station in Ayutthaya is near the Chao Praya River (the same river in Bangkok) and most of the city and historical sites are on the other side. The last time I stayed in Ayutthaya I stayed on the city side, though the city is small enough so being near the river is not disadvantageous. Between the train station and the river is a small street that is lined with hostels and guesthouses, so it’s convenient for travellers. At the end of the street is a ferry service that crosses the river regularly, and if you are off to see the famous temples of Ayutthaya you can bring a bicycle on the boat.

Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay, Ayutthaya

The guesthouse is at the river end of the street in an old wooden building. I got a private room with bathroom. The bed was comfortable and the room was air conditioned.


The bathroom was clean and well-kept, though it was a small space and the sink was outside the room in the bedroom.


When I arrived I didn’t know why it was named “Riverside” as it didn’t appear to be by the river. It turns out that the property is much longer than it is wide, and at the back of the property there is a restaurant that sits next to the river.

Riverside restaurant

I had the typical Thai guesthouse breakfast of the American breakfast (ABF!) while enjoying the view of life on the Chao Phraya River.


There is free wifi at the homestay which worked in my room and public areas.

Overall this was a good budget guesthouse to stay at in Ayutthaya. I really love these creaky old wooden house in Thailand, and being able to sit by the river made the the guesthouse a memorable stay.

Book the Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay online or search for more hotels in Ayutthaya.

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