Flight Review: AirAsia – Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur

Flight: AirAsia AK 135
From: Hong Kong (HKG) To: Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

Flight Review: AirAsia – Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur

I flew with AirAsia from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur. I compared flights online with Skyscanner and AirAsia was by far the cheapest option.

The scheduled flight time between Hong Kong and KL is 3 hours and 55 minutes, though the flying time is about 3 and a half hours. This is one of the longer flights on AirAsia using the A320’s. Most flights over 4 hours are handled by AirAsiaX with their A330’s.

I checked in online a few days in advance and dropped my bag off at the bag drop at Terminal 2.

Check in at T2

This flight departed from the satellite terminal disconnected from the main terminal. It’s as nice as the main terminal but there are no food options here, just a Starbucks and Pacific Coffee Company, so make you eat or bring food before going to the terminal.

Aerial view of HKIA

AirAsia is a low cost airline so the onus is on you to entertain yourself. Apart from the inflight magazine there is no TV or audio.

Travel 360 inflight magazine - April 2016

I wasn’t prepared for food at the terminal so I ordered lunch. I had the Nasi Dagang with chicken curry, which was 15MYR ($3.85 USD). It was not bad for an airline meal.

Nasi Dagang with chicken curry

This dish was devised by fishermen who needed a meal that would keep fresh and remain robust enough to sustain them on their travels. Sounds like the perfect inflight meal.

Nasi Dagang history

I had a window seat on this flight. While I usually like to read inflight, sometimes I like to stare out the window and meditate/contemplate life. I recognised Nha Trang from its buildings on the beach and its old airport that was located right in the city.

Flying by Nha Trang

Flicking through the catalogs in the back seat pocket I saw that there is inflight wifi provided by Rokki. Rates are 8 MYR for chat apps and 17 MYR for Gmail and chat apps. It isn’t clear if you can use anything other than these advertised sites. I still prefer the enforced disconnect of flight, but it is good to know there is the option.

Rokki wifi

You know you are back in Malaysia when you see miles of palm oil plantations.

Palm oil plantation at KUL

And back at AsiaAsia main hub, klia2.

KLIA2 terminal bridge

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