Book Review: 101 things to do in Bangkok

101 things to do in BangkokBangkok is a sprawling city which does not give away its highlights easily, and if you don’t know your way around it’s easy to miss many of its highlights. I’m fortunate in that I know some locals who offer me recommendations of things to do. One of those locals is travel blogger Mark Wiens from Migrationology. Mark has been living in Bangkok for over three years and has put his extensive knowledge of the city into 101 things to do in Bangkok.

The ebook of course lists all the obligatory must see sites such as the Grand Palace and Wat Po. From there the book lists sights and activities that goes beyond the usual Lonely Planet type highlights.

In addition to things to do there is also a useful resources section, including airport information, accommodation recommendations, and transportation. Mark has also listed his 10 personal favourite Thai dishes. If you have read Marks food posts then you will know that he knows his food.

I have personally spent months of my life in Bangkok and yet I was surprised with how many things were listed that I have not even heard of, let alone been to. I can’t wait to go back and seek out some the recommendations for myself.

101 things to do in Bangkok pages
[Sample pages from 101 things to do in Bangkok.]

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