The Villa, Sihanoukville – Cambodia

Guesthouse Review: The Villa, Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Guesthouse Name: The Villa
Address: Karaoke Street 333, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

I stayed at The Villa in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I booked it for its location in Sihanoukville. I wasn’t looking for a beach hotel so it didn’t matter that this was a bit inland of the beach.

As the name suggests, the hotel/guesthouse is in a villa set on a block of land in the hills of suburban Sihanoukville.

The Villa

The Villa is a ten minute walk uphill from the Golden Lions Roundabout.


A got double room with private bathroom. The room was a bit old but everything worked and the bed was comfortable enough.


The room was large enough to have its own lounge area, so it felt like being in a studio flat. It was nice to have a corner room with two windows.


The bathroom was your basic guesthouse bathroom. It was clean, bright, and it had a good hot water service.


The property has its own pool if the beach is too far for you.


The reception is by the pool which doubles as a bar.


Being far from anywhere walkable I opted for the breakfast service here, and it was a great rendition of an English breakfast.


The main drawback of the guesthouse was its location. When I booked I saw it was on “Karaoke St” which I thought was a cute name for a street. Well it is literally a street filled with karaoke bars. And these are not karaoke bars in soundproof buildings; they are in the front room of these houses lining the street. When the sun sets the bars come to life, and the worst singing you’ve ever heard echos around the surrounding hills.

Karaoke St

There were a few guys staying here that looked like they were long-distance riding. If you have your own transport then this is not a bad option as you can securely lock your bike in the compound at night. If you don’t have transport, or are here for the beach then I would pick another place. I would also say it is best for party people who don’t mind noise at night.

Book the The Villa online or search for more hotels in Sihanoukville. For a cheap beach guesthouse check the Otres Orchid Beach Resort.

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