Guesthouse Review: Pich Guesthouse, Phnom Penh – Cambodia

Pich Guesthouse, Phnom Penh - Cambodia

Guesthouse Name: Pich Guesthouse
Address: No 79, St. 19, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I stayed at the Pich Guesthouse in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I booked online for the rate of $9 USD per night. Yes it’s still possible to find a $10 a night guesthouse in Phnom Penh, though the numbers have thinned out considerably (especially after the guesthouses around the lake have long gone). I booked the room for its location, which is a short walk to the riverfront and not far from the Royal Palace. This area is a great place to stay if you are visiting Phnom Penh for a short time.

At such a bargain rate I was bracing myself for the worst but it wasn’t that bad – I’ve certainly stayed in worse. I don’t remember if my booking said it was a Single, Double, or Twin, but I was allocated a Double Twin (or Double Double perhaps?) Basically the whole room was made up of double beds.

Pich Guesthouse Double Double

The mattress was foam and was comfortable enough. Like some other cheap guesthouses I’ve stayed at they don’t use a top sheet. Instead they use a thin blanket, which times like these it is useful to have a travel sheet. No towel either, so I had to use my own travel towel.

Opposite the beds was a table with a TV on it and the room had a wall fan and ceiling fan.

The bathroom was ensuite and was clean and tidy. The hot water system worked without any troubles.


There are some chairs downstairs in the reception area but it didn’t look like a very inviting place to hang around. It looked more like a place to park bikes, which is common for houses in this part of the world to do.

There were guests downstairs using the internet though the internet in my room was never a problem.

Pich Guesthouse downstairs

Overall this was an adequate place to stay if you are just looking for a cheapo room for the night. Book the Pich Guesthouse online or search for more hotels in Phnom Penh.

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